What a file shredder can do for you

Have you ever heard of a file shredder? Much like the way a paper shredder rips paper records into thousands of confetti like bits a file shredder tears stored data down to its smallest code components then mixes them up over and over again. This insures that no one even those with the most sophisticated data recovery programs available can ever retrieve the information erased. This process is essential when dealing with private e personal records or even valuable business information such as stored credit card account numbers for business use.

When you need to permanently erase any information on a computer, you need to rely upon REMO File Shredder. This data eraser is the most powerful software available to wipe clean every trace of files and records. Even information stored on temporary cashes can be broken down to millions of component code pieces. REMO pioneered programs for recovery of damaged and corrupted files. Now they have reverse engineered their proprietary programs so as to create a file shredder program that is so potent it meets the standards of the US department of defense.