A recovery tool designed only for the Mac operating system

Windows uses file allocation tables to partition off hard drives. Linux uses Super blocks and Apple uses HFS+ and HFSX. These are similar in that they are methods of placement and relocating of files. As with Windows and Linux, when a divider or partition is corrupted the entire sector and the information within it is lost. The situation requires the use of a third party data recovery tool built expressly for the operating system being used. On Apple equipment that means one needs a Mac data recovery program such as that offered by REMO Software.

This tool designed specifically for Mac OS is the most powerful utility ever built to find and recover Mac files. Using a tree finder graphic style users can easily dig in to their drive and located missing or corrupted files. The program is also an Apple universal application meaning that any digital storage media supported by Apple is also supported by the REMO Recover (Mac) data recovery software.