File losses in the streamlined Linux OS

Last year the most rapidly growing segment of the entire computer industry was netbooks. Netbooks are ultra small laptop computers that can be transported easily and have super fast Internet capability. Many of these new small laptops use the Linux operating system as a way to keep costs down and speed reaction time by using a simpler operating system. The new netbooks are great but as simple as Linux is any time you store data on a computer that gets bounced around as much as a laptop you are subject to losing files and having partitions corrupted. Now when this happens what can you do short of throwing away a brand new netbook?

You can of course reload your operating system. But this means all of your saved documents and pictures will be destroyed. Any videos or music will also be washed clean. A better solution is to recover Linux data using Linux Recovery Software. This simple to use program was specifically designed to scan Linux superblocks and find and lost files. The program will then write these files to a CD/DVD or another drive.