Reliable Tool to Recover Files from Hard Drive on Mac

Are you a victim of data loss from hard drive in Mac system? If yes, then you need a recovery tool to recover your deleted data as soon as possible, because if you won’t apply any recovery tool then it might happen that any new data can get overwritten over the older data. As you should know that once a data gets deleted from hard drive then it actually loses its pointer that points towards its address in memory and allow user to access that file. As soon as data gets deleted, it loses its pointer and makes the memory space free for storing new data. With the help of Hard Drive Recovery Mac software you can rebuild the pointer for your lost file in Mac system. As a result it gets back its existence and become accessible by the user. Due to the smart algorithm of this software you can easily scan the entire hard drive and can restore hard drive data on Mac within few easy clicks.

Hard Drive Recovery Mac software is one of the best and powerful software to perform hard drive data recovery on Mac based system. Due to its reliability and some of the outstanding features, it is highly used in industry and for personal use also. So, before knowing much about its feature you must know more about the scenarios that leads to hard drive data restore on Mac are:

  • Unintentionally deleted files from Mac hard drive: The most common way to lose a file is by accidentally deleting it. You can lose the file by either way using “Shift + Delete” keys or emptied the Trash using “Empty Trash” option. In such cases, you must keep backups to restore deleted files.
  • Accidentally formatted the Mac hard drive: While reinstalling of operating system, user have to format their drive and install the operating system at that drive. So, sometimes user might select the wrong drive while formatting which causes severe data loss for user.
  • Bad Sectors: Data from Mac hard drive can be lost due to bad sectors. If your Mac hard drive has developed bad sectors, then the bad sectors won’t allow you to access data stored on its consecutive sectors. Bad sectors on the hard disk can be created due to a number of reasons like frequent power surge, abrupt system shutdown, etc. However, using Mac Hard Drive ecovery tool you can easily create disk image to bypass the bad sectors on the hard disk. You can later retrieve essential hard disk data from the created disk images using this software.

Some of the features of Hard Drive Recovery Mac software are as follows:

  • Easy to use hard drive recovery Mac software that helps to recover data from Mac hard drive partitions like HFS+, HFSX volumes and also Windows formatted FAT16 and FAT32 volume.
  • It has powerful volume scanning engines to locate and restore Mac hard drive data with ease.
  • This effective application has ability to restore more than 300 file types including media files documents, compressed files, EXE files, program files, system files and more.
  • Mac hard disk recovery sorts the recovered files based on the different file attributes like file name, extension, size and creation date.
  • Supports Mac OS X, 10.X, Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite to retrieve data from Mac hard drive.
  • Hard drive recovery Mac offers 24×7 Support for users in order to solve queries regarding Mac Hard Disk Data Recovery.