Recover lost Outlook email files with an easy to use program

As a professional web designer I build dozens of high-end websites yearly. Each of these has specific requirements for handling email. While a few can use the email provided though the web hosting company, most have a need for dozens of simple to remember web addresses. Also all of these sites need common access to mailboxes. To that end I install the Microsoft Outlook email client for the sites. Generally Outlook is super but it does have a few flaws. One is that sometimes when email downloads are scanned for viruses, the virus can tool actually corrupts the incoming message. This happens often enough that I have installed REMO email recovery software on most of my clients PCs.

Another need to recover deleted emails occurs when Micro soft office upgrades take effect. This causes many archived files to lose their extensions. No extensions equals no file recognition. The REMO Outlook repair tool quickly finds the lost email and allows me to resave it.