Recover files from formatted windows partition

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows operating system uses two types of file systems namely FAT (File Allocation System) and NTFS (New Technology File System). FAT was the first file system developed for Windows. FAT is technically simple and robust. It yields good performance and supports all the operating systems. The successive versions of FAT file system are FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32. Windows users divide their hard drive into multiple partitions to make optimum utilization of storage space. Having multiple partitions also facilitates the user to use multiple operating systems on a single hard drive.

Sometimes windows users lose their data due to various reasons like accidental deletion of files, formatting the wrong drive, reformatting the hard drive, partition errors and re-partitioning of the hard drive. Few users complain that they have formatted the partition accidentally. This gives rise to huge loss of data from the hard drive. Users may face such types of problems and there is a solution to overcome these problems.  Data recovery software helps to perform formatted partition recovery which allows one to recover lost data from hard drive.

Initially let us discuss about the reasons of data loss from the partition. Here are few reasons:

  • Formatting or re-formatting the partition:  When you want to re-install the operating system, you need to format the active partition. After formatting the active partition, data in the partition will be erased. In such scenario, if you do not have backup, then huge loss of data occurs.
  • Accidental formatting: Some users make mistakes while formatting the partition/drive. Example user plans to format partition/drive ‘D’ instead of partition/drive ’F’. Hence, data stored in the partition D will be lost.

The primary precautionary measures one should follow before making changes to the system to avoid data loss is having a backup of essential files, documents, applications in an external hard drive.

Even after following the precautionary measures there might be chances of losing data from the hard drive. Do not think much about the lost data, because there are various data recovery utilities, which can retrieve valuable lost data from the hard drive. One has to think which efficient data recovery tool to use to recover the lost data securely. One among the efficient data recovery tool is Remo Recover (Windows)-Pro Edition that has ability to recover the data with ease. It has features like recovery of compressed files from partition, supports recovery of data from FAT and NTFS formatted drives, preview the recovered data from the partition prior to restore the data, supports recovery of data from SATA//SCSI/IDE hard drives, external USB drives, fire wire drives, iPods, and have option to store the data on CD/DVD. If satisfied with the product and its features then buy the licensed software version and save the recovered files that you had lost from the hard drive. If you want to know more about the software features and working just download the trial version of this software.