Proper way to recover deleted partition on Mac

Apple comes with a file system called Hierarchical File System (HFS) that is originally made for use on floppy and hard drive in desktops running Macintosh OS. HFS file system is also called HFS Standard file system. Apple replaced the Macintosh File System (MFS) by HFS specifically to aid Apple’s first Disk drive (HDD) for Macintosh OS. However, you may face the problem where HFS volume gets delete or loss on account of various disastrous situations. Sometimes you may mistakenly format the wrong volume or delete the partition by chance. Anyhow, absolutely nothing to worry because it is easy to recover deleted or lost partition on Mac by making use of good Mac partition recovery software.

Apple offers another file system called HFS Plus or HFS+ that is a primary file system employed in Mac systems or another systems running Macintosh operating system. HFS Plus file system is also referred as HFS Extended file system. HFS Plus file system is a much better version of HFS Standard that supports much larger files and uses Unicode for naming the files and folders. There is certainly another version of HFS Plus file system is designed by Apple called HFSX file system and also the HFSX volumes are almost just like HFS Plus volumes. However, you may lose the info on Mac PC as a result of various situations like deletion of a partition by certain third party partitioning utility, accidental deletion of Mac volume, corruption or damage to the HFS Plus file system, and accidental formatting or reformatting the volumes etc. Let us briefly describe few important case scenarios when the HFS volume will get delete or loss.

  • Deletion of HFS volume using disk utility: Disk Utility is surely an application created by Apple in fact it is used to perform disk related tasks in Mac systems. These tasks include creation, conversion, compression and encryption of disk images, mounting, un-mounting and ejecting hard drive and other removable media, enabling or disabling journaling and more. Disk Utility includes a feature generally known as live partitioning with this particular feature user can create new Mac volume also he or she can edit or delete the present Mac volume. With the help of live partitioning feature provided in Disk Utility, in case you have accidentally deleted the wrong volume then this situation could cause loss of data.
  • Accidental formatting of HFS volume: Suppose you might have accidentally formatted the wrong volume while looking to install the Mac OS. However, this type of a scenario will lead to loss of data.

Anyhow, absolutely nothing to be worried as you can recover deleted HFS volume and recover lost data from the Mac hard drive by taking the use of Mac Data Recovery software. This Mac partition recovery software efficiently recovers deleted or lost HFS volume and recovers the lost data from the Mac hard disk. You can download demo version of the software, which has the capability to preview recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface before saving. Employing this software you can recover deleted or lost HFS Plus and HFSX volume from Notebook, iMac, iBook and MacBook. You can even take advantage of this software to restore formatted Mac data from hard drive.