A safeguard for when precious PC files have accidentally destroyed

In our office we are currently in the process of taking 2000 digital photos for an ecommerce site we are developing. Each of these must be downloaded from a digital camera then edited into several separate files. We end up with over 5000 image files and from these we must choose the shots for the online catalogue. After choosing we delete the rest. Unfortunately with so many pictures it is impossible not to accidentally delete an image we needed. And reshooting to find one particular camera angle is too large a task. For this reason we have downloaded REMO Windows recovery software. This powerful utility allows us to scan an entire drive in seconds for recently deleted files then preview them for recovery. No file is lost forever when you have a REMO file recovery tool on hand. Their wizard style interface lets anyone recover lost files in minutes regardless of the level of their computer expertise.

Don’t give up on your PC over a logic crash

When most people have a problem that involves lost files on their computer they generally either turn their PC over to a shop or if the problem has disabled start up go out and buy another PC. Even though computers have dropped drastically in price there is no need to shunt away a perfectly good unit just because you need simple to use data recovery software. REMO has developed a complete line of easy to use programs to recover data that will can assist you to quickly rescue lost files and information thus allowing you to reload your operating system and save your PC.

The process to recover lost data is simple. First choose a REMO Program at RemoSoftware.com based on the kind of operating system your PC uses. This will be Windows, Linux or Apple. Then download hat program for free and use it to scan your hard drive. The program will guide you through the process so don’t worry about it being too complicated. Next when the program has located all of your lost or damaged files it will restore them so that you can write them to other media.

What a file shredder can do for you

Have you ever heard of a file shredder? Much like the way a paper shredder rips paper records into thousands of confetti like bits a file shredder tears stored data down to its smallest code components then mixes them up over and over again. This insures that no one even those with the most sophisticated data recovery programs available can ever retrieve the information erased. This process is essential when dealing with private e personal records or even valuable business information such as stored credit card account numbers for business use.

When you need to permanently erase any information on a computer, you need to rely upon REMO File Shredder. This data eraser is the most powerful software available to wipe clean every trace of files and records. Even information stored on temporary cashes can be broken down to millions of component code pieces. REMO pioneered programs for recovery of damaged and corrupted files. Now they have reverse engineered their proprietary programs so as to create a file shredder program that is so potent it meets the standards of the US department of defense.

A recovery tool designed only for the Mac operating system

Windows uses file allocation tables to partition off hard drives. Linux uses Super blocks and Apple uses HFS+ and HFSX. These are similar in that they are methods of placement and relocating of files. As with Windows and Linux, when a divider or partition is corrupted the entire sector and the information within it is lost. The situation requires the use of a third party data recovery tool built expressly for the operating system being used. On Apple equipment that means one needs a Mac data recovery program such as that offered by REMO Software.

This tool designed specifically for Mac OS is the most powerful utility ever built to find and recover Mac files. Using a tree finder graphic style users can easily dig in to their drive and located missing or corrupted files. The program is also an Apple universal application meaning that any digital storage media supported by Apple is also supported by the REMO Recover (Mac) data recovery software.

Recover lost Outlook email files with an easy to use program

As a professional web designer I build dozens of high-end websites yearly. Each of these has specific requirements for handling email. While a few can use the email provided though the web hosting company, most have a need for dozens of simple to remember web addresses. Also all of these sites need common access to mailboxes. To that end I install the Microsoft Outlook email client for the sites. Generally Outlook is super but it does have a few flaws. One is that sometimes when email downloads are scanned for viruses, the virus can tool actually corrupts the incoming message. This happens often enough that I have installed REMO email recovery software on most of my clients PCs.

Another need to recover deleted emails occurs when Micro soft office upgrades take effect. This causes many archived files to lose their extensions. No extensions equals no file recognition. The REMO Outlook repair tool quickly finds the lost email and allows me to resave it.

Rescue important media data with ease

I have an iPod nano with over 2000 songs on it. Most of these I paid for online. As you may know this represents quite a tidy investment. So when I accidentally deleted my entire country music section the other day I was in a total panic. Fortunately I remembered REMO Digital Media Recovery Software. I downloaded a free trial, which scanned my iPod drive and informed me my songs were still recoverable. iPod recovery as well as dozens of other data recovery tasks are simple work with this program.

I can use the software for photo recovery of either RAW camera files or memory card recovery. I always seem to lose files on those little flash drives but USB data recovery is a snap with REMO Digital Media Recovery Software. The program is reasonably priced and very easy to use. I simply follow step-by-step instructions that allow me to preview my lost files and select which I want to recover. I then either resave the files or write them to stable media.

Have you accidentally double-deleted a file?

Ever delete a file or empty your Windows recycle bin then wish you could take back that last move? Few people have not made this or a similar mistake. Accidentally deleting needed files is something that simply cannot be avoided. So when this does happen it pays to be prepared to recover deleted files easily with REMO Undelete. This powerful program has been developed by REMO, one of the worlds leading data recovery experts.

They have taken years of knowledge gathered while recovering lost data from crashed and frozen hard drives and transferred it into the Undelete program. The program is incredible easy to use. In fact, anyone who has ever loaded a program for a simple a device as a computer printer will be able to expertly and professionally rescue lost, damaged, or deleted files. This is made possible due to a user friendly, wizard style interface. Just as in installing a program on your PC, with REMO Undelete you just follow the prompted steps and any deleted files are quickly recovered.