Optimal solution to recover deleted files from flash card and other storage devices

Storage devices such as flash memory card, external hard drive, hard disk drive and USB drives stores the user data in the digital form. Usually, flash cards can be used for storing the files such as word document files, excel sheets, office work, study materials and other data files. Nowadays people own their desktop or laptop computer for personal use. Hard disk drive is a secondary storage device used in the desktop and laptop computers. However, loss of files on the various storage devices may occur due to several devastating situations. Let us see how data loss may occur on the storage medium and how to recover deleted files from Windows 7 installed systems.

Accidental deletion of files may occur on various portable storage devices like flash card, USB drives, and external hard drives when they are connected to your computer. You can access the files stored on the flash cards by connecting them to computer through USB port. Most commonly people likes to use flash card and USB flash drive (pen drive) to carry their data. However, the files may get delete or lost from the flash card or pen drive due to various situations like accidental deletion of files, files lost due to abruptly ejecting of flash card, missing of files when the Cut command has been used, files deleted by certain third party applications, and files deleted due to antivirus scanning etc.

Most important case scenarios in which data loss on the flash card or pen drive may be occurred are listed below:

  • Incomplete file transmission process: Suppose you have connected the flash card through USB port, using card reader, to your computer and trying to move some files from it into computer’s hard disk drive. Consider you are using Cut and Paste command to move files and unexpectedly the system gets shutdown due to power outage during file transfer. This kind of a situation will lead to incomplete file transmission process. However, there are chances for missing of files on the flash card due to incomplete file transmission process.
  • Virus attack: The virus is a piece of computer program or a collection of instructions that can itself replicate and spread from one storage device to another. Suppose your hard disk drive is having virus and you are not using the updated antivirus software in your computer. If you connect the pen drive to your computer then there is a chance to spread virus from computer’s hard disk drive to your pen drive. When this happens, the virus can corrupt the files stored on the pen drive. Even the files may get delete by the updated antivirus software when you scan the pen drive.

Anyhow, the accidentally deleted files are not permanently erased from the storage media. As a result, there is a chance to recover them until a new data overwrites on it. In order to recover deleted files from flash card or pen drive, you need to make use of file recovery software. Windows Data Recovery is the best file recovery software for Windows, which is devised to recover deleted or lost files from the various storage devices. You can also download the demo version for getting fair idea about fully featured software.