How Would you Restore Lost Files in Windows after MFT Corruption??

Lost your valuable files and folders from Windows hard drive due to MFT corruption???Hard drive recovery software is there for you!!! This tool is the perfect answer for your question as this utility knows how to retrieve lost files after MFT corruption in Windows hard drive. It is highly recommended and reviewed by skilled professionals having experience in developing data recovery tools.

This recovery program will use inbuilt scanning algorithm which helps in scanning the entire hard disk sector by sector to identify the file types and then retrieve those files with the aid of their unique file extensions. The software has separate build for Mac and Windows operating system based computers.

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Now let us see what MFT in Windows is??? How it gets corrupted causing data loss??

Computers have become the basic need for all the individuals who want to preserve their data for life time. These computers make use of hard drives to store their personal data along with OS files.

MFT is a Master File Table which is regarded as the main data storage table for Windows NTFS file system which saves the information about files present on the hard disk. The information like file name, contents, permissions, etc. of all the files and folders stored on the Windows NTFS volume. The structure of this MFT helps the user to minimize the disk fragmentation which in turn helps in upgrading the performance of the computer.

Master file table is actually a database table that acts like a starting point or base for the entire NTFS partition. But sometimes because of many reasons like OS errors, hard drive failure, external threats such as malware or viruses, etc. these MFT records might get damaged or corrupted. Corruption of MFT will do not allow the MBR to locate files on NTFS partition which is required in order to boot the computer. As a result, the computer becomes unbootable and hence you might you to suffer severe loss of data. To tackle with such data loss problem, you must try data recovery through a powerful and reliable third party tool such as hard drive recovery tool.

Now let us see some of the causes that are accountable for MFT corruption:

  1. Operating system crash due to power failure or any other reason can inhibit access to the stored files resulting in data loss.
  2. Repeated termination of the system might create bad sectors on the drive. This will make the files stored in that particular sector unreadable and causes loss of data.
  3. Using insecure and low quality tools for formatting the hard drive is the other major cause for MFT corruption leading to data loss.
  4. Generation of errors while repartitioning the hard disk might also damage or corrupt the Master File Table. This would result in inaccessibility of stored files as MFT holds the information of the files.

Beside this, other causes such as malware attack, MBR corruption, software or hardware malfunctioning, file system corruption, etc. are some more reasons for data loss from Windows NTFS volume after MFT corruption. Hard drive recovery program is the best tool which can retrieve your data after loss from Windows hard disk.

How this tool will help to recover lost files after MFT corruption???

When a file is deleted on a Windows PC then the contents of the file is not actually destroyed. Windows OS will maintain a list of all the files saved on Windows computer in “Master File Table”. So, when the file gets deleted and also emptied from Recycle Bin a special file deleted marker will be placed right after the file name in MFT. Hard drive recovery tool will scan the MFT in order to locate the file markers and thus makes it possible to undelete and restore them.

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Simple steps to use hard drive recovery tool:

Get the trial version of the recovery software and install it on the hard disk of your system. Double click on the desktop icon to launch the application. Then select the suitable recovery option which you get during recovery process. Once you are done with file recovery you can evaluate the file restoration results and if you’re pleased with the results you can purchase its full version available on the internet.