How to Restore Missing Files on Windows XP?

Loss of files from Windows system is the common example for Windows user. Such data loss can happen due to many reasons like system error, human error, power shortage, etc. In such kind of situation, if you have a backup of your files then you can restore it otherwise, you need to perform file recovery for Windows OS using professional recovery software.

Suppose you are using Windows XP operating system and you want to repartition the system hard disk drive by using third party tool. While re-partitioning of the system hard drive, process may get interrupted due to abrupt termination. After such thing you have realized that you have lost all files and folders from Windows XP. Due to such situation you may be frustrated and you will desperately try to restore lost files on Windows XP. No need to worry, in such kind of situation, you need to use Windows file recovery software. This software helps to recover lost, deleted or formatted files from Windows XP very easily and completely.

There are lots of situations due to which you may face data loss from Windows OS. Some of those situations are mentioned below,

  1. Accidental deletion of data: Many times unknowingly a person uses “Shift+Delete” keys which causes deletion of files from system.
  2. Corruption of file system: Windows OS contains file system like FAT and NTFS to held data in it. Corruption of file system leads to loss of stored data from Windows OS.
  3. Damage of MBR: MBR is nothing but the Master Boot Record which helps to boot your system. If MBR gets damaged then your system fails to boot, result of this is loss of stored files from system.
  4. Interruption in the formatting/reformatting process: While formatting or reformatting of system hard drive, if process gets interrupted due to abrupt termination of system then there are chances of loss of files from system hard drive.
  5. Unknowingly emptying the Recycle Bin: Many times people emptied recycle bin without restoring important files from recycle bin folder, such situation leads to loss important files from system.
  6. Virus and malware attack: Virus and malwares are the most hazardous threats, which replicate themselves and affects your system, due to which your stored files.

These are the most common situations, because of which you may suffer data loss from Windows system. If you want to avoid such kind of data loss in future then you can keep a backup of important data on regular basis. In case if you forgot to keep a backup of your important files and you come across any of the above explained situation, then use one of the best Windows file recovery software. This software helps to recover your deleted, lost or inaccessible data from Windows system. This software is developed using some extraordinary capabilities to recover data from Windows system. Some of those features are mentioned below,

  1. Windows file recovery software helps to recover deleted, lost or missed data from all latest versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  2. Along with Windows recovery this software is capable to perform formatted pen drive recovery, memory card recovery, hard drives like SATA/ATA/IDE recovery, etc.
  3. Even if you have lost data due to corruption or damage of system hard drive then also this software helps to recover data from such hard drive.
  4. Windows file recovery software helps to restore files from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions which are deleted.
  5. This software is most efficient to restore up to 300 file types including multimedia files, spreadsheets, zip archives, spreadsheets, and other files on the basis of unique signatures.
  6. Windows file recovery software helps to recover data from deleted, inaccessible partitions. Even after re-installation of Windows OS this software helps to restore lost data from it.
  7. This software supports to the different types of file system like, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5.

If you wish to recover your lost data from Windows system, then you can download free demo version of Windows file recovery software. If you feel satisfied with free demo results then you can purchase the full version of this software. Windows file recovery software is user friendly which will help you to restore your files without any difficulty. This software has provided with user manual including snapshots which will guide you to recover your data from storage device.