How to recover deleted items from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a email client which is used to store data locally in a personal folder. This personal folder is called PST file. This is used because it provides more security to your data. This is a single database to store all data. Therefore, PST file will grow rapidly as you are going to make use of Outlook. The received emails are stored in a PST file along with other data items. However, due to many reasons your emails and other data items from the Outlook may get delete. Therefore you should keep Backup always for restoring your deleted data. If you don’t have backup, then you have to recover PST file in order to get back all Outlook emails and other deleted data items from the Outlook.

You may delete all emails from the Outlook accidentally. The main reason for Outlook data deletion is PST file corruption. The PST file is corrupted due to so many reasons. It may be due to oversized PST file, sharing of PST file over network, Outlook up gradation or header corruption. Thus the Outlook data will be deleted or lost due to many reasons. Let us discuss how these reasons can corrupt the PST file.

  • Each Outlook version has its own PST file size limit. For example earlier Outlook 2000 has 2GB PST file size. If you are storing all the data in a single PST file, it grows rapidly. Sometimes it may exceed permissible size limit. If it is happen the PST file may get corrupt. Then you cannot access emails, Contacts and other items from the Outlook.
  • Use of reading pane in Microsoft Outlook sometimes creates problems. However the reading pane enables you to view the emails without actually opening them. But sometimes reading pane may crash your PST. Then you cannot access your data from the crashed PST file.
  • The PST file mainly contains two parts header part and data part. The header contains the important information of PST file such as file size, signature and compatibility etc. To access the data from the PST file first you have to read the header and verify the required information. If the header gets corrupted, then verification process fails and you will get errors.
  • There are some email servers which are not protected properly. These servers may have the viruses. If you access the emails from these servers, sometimes you may receive virus infected mails and due to these mails your PST file may get corrupt.

No matter you lose emails and other items of Outlook they can be recovered using a good PST recovery software. It should be able to recover deleted items Outlook 2010 and also supports Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007.

Using the PST recovery software you can recover all the data from the corrupted PST file, irrespective of the reasons. This is possible only by using such suitable recovery software. Therefore you can use it to recover deleted emails and other information from the corrupted PST file. The best feature of this software is you can fix corrupt PST and recover all Outlook attributes without wasting more time for it. This is more useful, if you want Outlook data recovery without damaging the original information. This is a fast recovery and read only application. It can repair all outlook mailbox and recover emails within few mouse clicks because it has a strong inbuilt recovery engine. Even you can evaluate Outlook recovery result before purchasing this software, using demo version. You can get trial version freely from the company website.