How to recover data from HFS Partition?

HFS (Hierarchical file system) file format is the basic file system for most of the Apple Inc. products. HFS mainly consists of metadata structures such as catalog file, volume header, allocation file, etc. If in any situation, HFS partition in Mac OS X gets crashed or corrupt, due to some system error, the files in these volumes can’t be accessed in general situation. These catastrophic situations can be easily handled by implementation of correct recovery software which can be used to recover HFS partition.

Valuable data from HFS partition may lose in different situations such as unintended deletion of partition, formatting or reformatting of volume, volume header corruption, catalog file corruption, or Apple Partition Map corruption. Let’s take a real time scenario, where we are having dual OS on a single hard disk and due to slow performance of system, you want to format the volume which has that undesired OS. After formatting the disk, when you reboot your system, you were astonished to see that by mistake you have formatted a wrong partition. And since you have formatted the wrong partition, you don’t have proper backup for these catastrophic situation. So what is to be done now!!! You need not panic in these state, you need to be smart to retrieve your data in same state as before formatting, by implementing software, which can recover deleted data from HFS+ drive.

Now let’s take the next scenario, where your volume header corruption has occurred on HFS+ partition. The volume header is located next to the boot blocks. It contains the information about the structure of HFS+ volume. If in any situation the header file gets damaged, it will not allow access to the respective volume. To sort out these problems, you need to have software which can recover HFS partition.

There are certain things that need to take care of while reclamation of data, they are:

  • We should not use the partition which needs to be recovered in any situation.
  • Installation of data recovery software should not be done on the partition which needs to be retrieved.

The software that needs to be implemented in these circumstances is HFS Partition Recovery software, which helps in getting data in one of the easiest and speedy manner from corrupted or damaged HFS volume on different Mac OS X versions. Its vigorous scanning engine searches and recovers data even from cases such as lost or impervious volumes. This software can handle these situations with ease giving result upto 100%. It will retrieve data having different signatures such as jpeg, jpg, gif, mp4, mp3, 3gp, etc.

You may lose data in different cases such as power failure, corrupt directory structure, forceful shutdown, etc. In such circumstances, the data is not permanently deleted from the hard disk partition. You easily retrieve these data by implementation of HFS Partition Recovery software. This software is also compatible with different Mac products such as, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc. It supports HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 volumes. Also one of the advantages of HFS Partition Recovery software is that it gives option to preview the data after successful completion of data recovery. You can download the free sample version to sort out problems.