How to Recover Data from HDD After Format

What is Formatting of hard disk drive (HDD)?

Hard disk drive is nothing but the storage medium in which you can store any kind of data like, photos, audio files, video files, and doc files….etc. Prepairing this storage medium for read and write is called as format process. In the formatting process, all the bookkeeping information on the disk gets deleted by the OS & your HDD becomes ready to  store new information

What if your HDD gets formatted accidently?

It happens many times that you may format your HDD accidently by using “Format” option or due to any other reasons. Because of such kind of action you may face data loss, if you don’t have any backup. Once your HDD gets formatted, then it becomes quite difficult to get back lost data. But if you use a third party tool like, Windows recover my hard drive software, then it will be very easy to recover all lost data from the HDD (HDD is hard disk drive).

What are the other reasons of HDD formatting?

  • Sometimes HDD file system gets corruptted due to virus or malware attack. In such cases you are unable to access the stored data from your HDD& you have to format it.
  • Many times you may want to fix the error (which error) or re-install the OS then also you need to format your hard disk drive.
  • Accidentally chose another drive to format in which you stored your important data. This also leads to huge loss of data.
  • When your HDD gets corrupted, then it asks you to format your HDD and if you follow this message then your HDD gets formatted and you lose all stored data in it.

Tip to take into account before formatting your HDD

Many people forget to keep a backup of their important file. So always keep in mind to maintain a regular backup of your important data which will be helpful in case of any type of accidental format of HDD or manual formatting of HDD.

Solution to recover data from HDD after format

The best way is to use Recover my hard drive software to get back all data from formatted hard disk drive. This is one of the best software which helps you to recover data from formatted, re-formatted, partitioned and re-partitioned hard disk drive. This software is also capable to recover lost, missed or deleted data from badly corrupted HDD.

Key features of Recover my hard drive software

  • This software helps to recover around 300 types of file format on the basis of their name, creation date, size, and type.
  • This software recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 drives.
  • Along with system HDD, it also helps to recover lost or deleted data from memory cards like, SD, XD, MMC and external USB drives.
  • The software is compatible withall latest versions of Windows like, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7.

If you want to recover your lost data from HDD then you can download the free demo version of this software and try for data recovery from formatted HDD.