How to recover any media file from hard disk?

Accidental or unintentional deletion of files can occur with anyone. Files which are deleted intentionally or unintentionally can be recovered because whenever you delete any file from hard disk, its pointer to the location is only erased. The actual file persists there as long as it is overwritten by any other file. Thus if anyone have lost his/her file from hard disk then it can be recovered by implementation of tool like Formatted Disk Recovery. It has got great scanning algorithm which tracks down all the files which are recently deleted from hard drive.

There are number of ways by which one can lose his or her media files from hard drive due to unintentional deletion of files, accidental format of drive, improper shut down, file system corruption, etc. Let’s discuss some of the scenarios which can cause loss of files. One of the redundant ways of losing once media files is due to file system corruption. File system gets corrupt due to various reasons like virus attack, application of third party software, formatting the hard drive again and again, etc. Among these virus attack is the one which is major cause of file system corruption. The files lost due to corruption can be recovered by usage of Formatted Disk Recovery. This tool can also recover deleted files from hard drive without performing any hectic task.

Another cause of data loss is improper removal of external hard drive from system. Suppose you are transferring some important files from computer hard drive to Seagate external drive. While doing so by mistake external hard drive gets disconnected with system. Due to this you have lost file from both the locations. So what to do?? You need to use tool which can recover file from hard drive. For such type of cases you can use Formatted Disk Recovery software to get back access to lost files. Some of the additional features of this recovery software are:

  • Easily recovers all files from hard disk partition.
  • It is well-accustomed with different versions of Windows operating system.
  • Recovered files can be stored on the basis of file name, size, extension, and creation date.
  • Its’ strong scanning algorithm scans the entire hard disk with couple of minutes.
  • Allows you to recover all your media files from virus infected hard disk drive.
  • It has user friendly graphic user interface to help out any level of user i.e. novice or expert.

But, prior to recovery of any media file, user need to take certain care about:

  • Stop any further usage of hard disk for which you want to recover your media files.
  • Downloading and execution of your software should be at different location so that overwriting doesn’t occur.
  • Do not format or reformat the partition from where you need to restore files.

Therefore by evaluating the features of this tool we can easily say that it can be used to recover any file lost intentionally/unintentionally. You can get this tool for demo use from internet.