Formatted drive recovery now at your figure tips!

Are you searching for a tool to recover lost data after formatting?  If yes, proceed further. Formatting is act to make the drive ready for further read write operation. However, sometimes it has happened there comes a stage from where it is must to format hard drive. In such a situation you unwilling have to perform formatting once you do so then entire data is wiped out from hard drive. Unexpected formatting condition arises due to various common issues including improper ejection, virus infection, unsuccessful file system conversion, power surges and many more. When you loss data due to any of illustrated causes then there is lot of issues arises in your mind including such as it is possible to recover lost data after formatting or not?

Stop worrying about such a severe situation it is because my answer is ‘YES’. You can definitely recover every bit of data from formatted drive. Here you just need a competent recovery tool that can perform data revival for you.  After formatting hard drive intentionally or unintentionally there is no need to think that you cannot recover files after format. It is not true! Once data is wiped out from hard drive, then image of data remains there within drive from where it is possible to revive lost data successfully. Let us discuss some scenarios in more detail to more how user stuck in unexpected formatting situation. Accidental formatting, it has happened when user operates more than single drive at a time and accidentally format one of vital drive partition or particular connected drive instead of formatting some other drive.  Once you do so and formatted drive contains your vital data then it might lead to severe data loss.

Improper system usage is another reason that might push you in unconditional formatting situation. This might happens in many ways including improper shutdown, meanwhile termination during read write operation. Improper shut down pushes forward to you in such a state from next it is must to do format to utilized drive further. Unexpected formatting condition also arises when you terminate process in the meanwhile when it is performing read write operation from hard drive. When process is interrupted in meanwhile then there is a chance of file system corruption. Once the file system is corrupted then you cannot access any data from hard drive. Further, you have to do format to use the drive location again. After formatting, you become able to use drive space again but loss entire data within drive.

In all severe situations, you can make use an effective revival tool named Recover Formatted tool and successfully get back data from formatted drive. More detail click here: .You can perform revival on various formatted storage drives including external drive, pen drive, USB drive, memory sticks and so on. This tool supports various file system like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT and HFS.  With the help of this tool, you can recover formatted hard drive on both Windows as well as on Mac operating system. So stop worrying after data loss due to unexpected formatting, just make utilized of this formatted recovery tool and be happy with your vital data again.