Easily Repair Damaged QuickTime MOV file for Mac

downloadMOV is a popular video file format developed by Apple Inc. The QuickTime player uses .MOV as a native file format to play and save video files on Mac or Windows computer. It is most preferable video file format because of its transfer ability and the ease of share. With the MOV file format, it is easy to convert to other file formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, etc. In spite of several features sometimes MOV video file get corrupted and you are unable to play video files.

Though Fix MOV tool can be used under such condition to repair corrupt or damaged video files. This software fix MOV files on Mac as well as on Windows based system. Using the application, you can repair MOV video files from SD card, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, SSD card, etc. Once you repair the file the software provides option to save on either internal or external storage device. You can purchase Fix MOV tool online to repair videos without any issues.

Scenarios for corruption of MOV video files

Improper Termination while Transferring files: If you encounter error in bit pattern or file structure of the file then MOV video files get damaged as a result you are unable to play video file. It happens due to power surge or sudden shut down of system.

Unsupported Media Player: The use of media player other than QuickTime player sometimes damaged the MOV video file. Due to unsupported media player header file gets damaged and makes the data file inaccessible.

Converting MOV to another Format: The use of third party tool which is not opt to convert MOV video file can sometimes corrupts the file format. MOV video files also get corrupted due to any interruption occurs while converting video file format.

Storage Media Corruption: Bad sector, virus or malware infection, software conflicts are some of the reasons due to which storage device get corrupted which in turn corrupts the MOV video file stored in that device.

QuickTime Error: Sometimes you get an error message like couldn’t open file while playing MOV file on Quick Time player. This is an indication for corruption of video file.

You can use this application to repair MOV files on Mac based system. This software includes number of benefits over other fixer tool.

Features of Fix MOV Tool

  • This tool is compatible with Mac system that repairs MOV video file as well as MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, etc.
  • The software creates copy of original file then repair the corrupted file keeping original file unmodified.
  • Fix MOV tool provide assistance to users who find difficulty in repairing MOV video file.
  • Demo version of this application is also available so that user can download for free to test the performance. You can only preview the repaired file but unable to save the MOV video file.
  • You can download this application from website and then repair the MOV file without any issues.

Best Tool To Restore MOV Files

“I have a very great assortment of video files on my Mac PC hard disk. Last night, everything was going well and all sorts of files were playable. I added some videos friend’s marriage party to my video collection. Now while i am playing to these MOV videos with QuickTime media player on my own laptop, it’s showing an error notice like “Error-2048: couldn’t open the file since it is not a file that QuickTime understands”. I’ve tried a hard however I’m not capable of play these files. Now, please suggest me what must i do?”

It is quite normal catastrophe that may happen with Mac users at any instance due error in MOV file content or corrupted MOV file. Before exploring more details on this, make me aware you precisely what a MOV file is as well as what are possible factors accountable for creating such unexpected situation. MOV file is really a data format, that contains video and audio streams in fact it is only playable with QuickTime media player, which is designed by Apple Inc. Corporation. Due to it’s compatibility issues and other features, it is extremely preferred among computer users. It is possible to install QuickTime media player in Mac along with Windows computers also. Using this player it is possible to store, edit, play, record, import, export and convert videos easily. It enables users to relish their most favorite videos on Mac computers with great experience.

The minute, you see MOV video file behaving abnormally or unplayable, you could be thinking of active reason bringing about create such situation. Whenever we mention above crisis, there’s not just one course of action, which needs to be analyzed for MOV file corruption but you’ll find variety of factors fall to make MOV file corrupted or inaccessible. Firstly, for those who have saved MOV files within a hard disk volume of which file system structure is corrupted, it contributes to make files inaccessible by media player also it ceases to open videos.

CRC error can also be counted as chief cause of corrupting MOV file. Generally, the reason behind occurrence of CRC error is existence of bad sectors in uncertain drive volume where MOV files are residing. Furthermore, when there is any noise is included with file streams during file transfer operation, it reflects alterations in code’s bit and then file can’t be opened since it get damage. Aside from this, any type of interruption like system shutdown, abrupt power surge etc while file transmission is being conducted, also accountable for generation of CRC error. Whenever you encounter your MOV file isn’t opening after CRC error, immediately make use of the software to repair MOV file in an attempt to help it become playable as prior to being. Because of this important purpose, you have to be careful about choice of application and it is obvious on Repair MOV software since it the most effective application to restore MOV files after various corruption issues.

Aside from above discussed scenarios, there’s also, some important aspects, which plays significant role to produce MOV file corrupt. While you’re playing MOV video on QuickTime player, if system is crashed because of malfunctioning operating system program, it’ll reflect side effects on media player functioning as well as MOV files. Hardware failure, irregular power source, MOV file corruption etc will also be incorporated into listing of file corruption oriented issues. However, regardless of the cause is responsible for video file corruption, it is possible to fix together with the software.

Repair MOV software incorporates advanced file repair mechanism to tackle and repair MOV videos on Mac machines. In addition to MOV files, it is possible to employ this awesome tool to set MP4 and M4V media file related emissions. Let’s understand why this application is knows the best resolver. Actually, what this software performs to fix corrupted file is, first it separates video and audio streams of corrupted MOV file; repairs corrupted data streams simultaneously and after that combine it to produce pertinent playable video file.

It will become quite interesting and simple to fix corrupted or inaccessible MOV videos using this software since it provides interactive GUI. It’s highly suitable for preferred Macintosh machines like iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc with various OS environment. Moreover, it supports MOV repair process on all latest Windows machines also. This can be used to fix unplayable MOV video files generated by digital camera models, iPhone, HD cameras by connecting these storage devices to computer.