Guidelines on How to Recover Data after Format

If you are looking for the most reliable and useful tool for recovering data after format? Then no need to worry and your search ends here because here’s the most reliable and result oriented software is available for you which helps to recover the deleted data after format.

how to recover data after format

Often people do some mistakes in formatting the data and sometimes due to unknown reasons the data get formatted. This is not a very big issue and don’t think much about how to recover data after format because the formatted data can be easily recovered using Data Recovery after Format software. As this software is made up of advanced scanning engine, it scans the entire system within few minutes and perform data recovery after format. The best feature of this software is its read only feature which helps to restore the deleted data without harming the original file format. This data recovery tool is compatible on all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system. This software is available for demo version, so that you can easily download this edition and perform data recovery process after format.

Common reasons which are responsible for data format:

  • Formatting is one of the common scenarios behind deletion of files and folders from Windows and Mac computer system. If we unintentionally format any drive, this can lead to severe data loss scenario.
  • While reinstalling the newer version of operating system without taking backup of the saved data then you will lose all the saved data. Formatting process for reinstallation of OS ends up with the deletes all the pre-existing data.
  • When the file system of any storage get corrupted, you may encounter an error message like “Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” On occurrence of this type of error messages, each of the data which were saved on the system become inaccessible.
  • Apart from the given reasons there are some other scenarios which cases data format are header file corruption, excessive bad sectors, repartition of hard drive, accidental deletion, etc.

Salient Features of Data Recovery after Format Tool:

This user friendly software has many unique features which easily restore the data after intentional or unintentional format. It retrieve formatted data from different devices like hard drive, iPods, Pen drive, USB drive, external drive, flash drive, SD card, XD card, MMC card, CF card, FireWire drive and many more. This software has the ability to retrieve various types of data file such as video, images, audio, PDF file, PowerPoint, Documents, etc. This reliable tool recovers the formatted data on the basis of their unique signature and the recovered data can be previewed prior to restoration. Using this software, the recovering process can be done from FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, HFS+ and NTFS partition. The recovery process can be easily perform on various hard drive such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE and other.

Know About Hard Drive Recovery Tool

Two weeks back, I gathered some important data from internet, and saved those files in my computer. But yesterday, due to some unknown fault I lost all the important data from my computer. I don’t know why happened to it; I really got annoyed after I saw this. Now at any cost I require that data back. Can anyone please tell me how to recover lost data?”

Are you too suffering from the above mentioned scenario? Then don’t worry, you can make use of Hard Drive Recovery Utility which can easily bring back lost or deleted data without any complexity.

Some important factors that leads to data loss from hard drive:

Accidental Deletion: While previewing or performing any task on your system hard drive, you may select important files and delete them using shift+ delete key. As a result of which, you may lose important files from system hard drive.

Accidental Formatting: You may format the hard drive instead of formatting external hard drive or any storage device that are connected to your system which results in huge data loss.

Shutdown of System: While accessing any data on computer or while transferring any file from computer to any secondary storage device, if computer powers down suddenly then you may lose data from it.

Using Untrustworthy Third Party Software: To execute any computer related task you could install any unreliable third party tool on your computer, sometimes these unreliable programs turn into a root cause for loss of data from computer hard drive.

Files Deletion by Antivirus: Antivirus program, which you install on your computer to avoid virus risks will sometimes make you to lose important files, meaning when a file gets infected by virus you’ll try to scan the computer using antivirus software, during the scanning process sometimes antivirus may delete severely infected files.

Along with these, there are many other reasons that will lead you to lose files from hard drive of computer. But you need to not worry, because Hard Drive Recovery Utility has got the power of restoring lost or deleted files easily.

What are popular features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility?

  • With the aid of Hard Drive Recovery Utility, it is possible to restore hard drive data on Windows as well as Mac operating system.
  • It can restore files even after formatting the hard drive of computer.
  • This software can easily recover deleted or lost files from hard drive (SATA, IDE, ATA, PATA, SCSI, etc).
  • Using this software, you can search the recovered files on the basis of title, file size, file type and date of creation etc.
  • It is an application that’s been designed using a robust recovery algorithm.
  • It’s a dependable application and is free from the risk of virus threats and malicious programs.
  • This software is also capable of recovering missing files from external hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, USB drive, etc.
  • This software recovers deleted or lost files from hard drives of different popular brands such as Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Maxtor, etc.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Disk Drive?

Sometimes you press format option as a result of which all files and folder get deleted from hard drive. Formatting permanently delete all files which is a horrible condition for users. This is a drastic condition of you as all files and folder get wiped out from hard drive. Under such frustrating situation, you are finding some reliable tool to recover files from formatted hard drive in a perfect way.

If you are facing similar condition no needs to worry, just make use of Formatted Disk Recovery software to restore deleted files from formatted hard drive in few simple steps. This software allows file recovery from different file system such as FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+ and many more. You can search recovered file through an option called Find Option according to file name and file size. It is safe and secure application since it free from virus/malware attack. This software is capable in recovering files from different brands of hard disk drive such as Seagate, HP, Dell, Western Digital, Toshiba, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc. You can easily perform formatted disk recovery within few simple and effective steps.

Reasons responsible for formatting of disk drive

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes while performing certain task, if user press format button accidentally then you encountered with data loss from hard drive. All files and folder get permanently deleted from hard disk drive.

Error in Extending or Shrinking Drive: While extending or shrinking drive using third party tool then there might be a chance that you suffer from severe data loss. Under such condition you are forced to format hard drive in order to overcome error.

Selection of Wrong Drive: Sometimes you select drive which contain important file in place of another drive as a result of which all files and folder get wiped out from hard disk drive. This scenario is due to unawareness of user which leads to loss of files.

Reinstallation of OS: If certain error happens during reinstallation of operating system then files get lo9st from drive. In order to overcome error you have to format your drive.

Bad Sector: Bad sector is a space on hard drive which is damaged to some extent. If you save any file over it then files may get corrupted or end up with data loss.

Other Factor: Several other factors responsible for formatting of hard drive are virus attack, reformat drive using disk management, etc. You can use this effective software to recover files from above mentioned scenarios.

Features of Formatted Disk Recovery Software

  • Formatted Disk Recovery tool is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • By using this tool, you can easily recover file from different brands of hard disk drive.
  • This application requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  • You can preview recovered file before restoration on any operating system.
  • Find Option is available which allow user to find recovered file according to file name and file type.
  • It is available online to recover files from formatted hard drive across the globe.

BitLocker – Windows’ In-Built Tool

The TrueCrypt creators pulled back an open source encryption tool recently. Even one of the creators of the TrueCrypt expressed that to stop using TrueCrypt and skip on to Microsoft BitLocker. BitLocker is a newly introduced open source encryption technology. This article will be a beginner guide to BitLocker.


BitLocker is an inbuilt security feature in the Windows 7 and latest Windows Operating system. This helps the user to protect their files and folders on their system drive. This application helps you to protect your computer again offline attacks and manual hard drive attack by deleting the files. If you are protected with BitLocker you files will be protected you can access the files and folders using password, smart card credentials or using the data drive on BitLocker protected computer that has proper keys. The computer with previous versions of the Operating System can protected with BitLocker using BitLocker To Go Reader.

To access the files in the BitLocker protected Operating Systems you should give Personal Identification Number (PIN) along with Trusted Platform Module (TPM). If the BitLocker is used with TPM that gives you the enhanced protection and assured early boot component integrity. But the TPM protection can be given for the computers with well suited TPM microchip and BIOS. The version of the TPM should be 1.2 TPM and the BIOS should be compatible as defined by TCG (Trusted Computing Group). At the system start up, a process that is not visible by users will happen this is TPM interacts with BitLocker while but user log on experience is unchanged. However, if the startup information has changed, BitLocker will enter recovery mode, and you will need a recovery password or recovery key to regain access to the data. To get advanced and detailed information about BitLocker follow the link.

System Requirement:

The Microsoft BitLocker is accessible on Windows Vista, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise. If you are using Enterprise there are chanced for your PC belongs to a company on that case discuss with your company for BitLocker Protection. Upgrading your standard Windows OS to Windows 8 during initial rollout helps you to get BitLocker easily.

For running BitLocker application in your Windows PC you should be having computers with above OS specification and a TPM chip which is a chip that runs authentication check on your software, firmware and hardware. If the If the TPM detects an unauthorized change your PC will boot in a restricted mode to deter potential attackers. If you don’t know whether your computer has a TPM or multiple partitions, don’t sweat it. BitLocker will run a system check when you start it up to see if your PC can use BitLocker.

Solution to Recover Video Files

Video is a file format which stores digital video data on electronic gadgets such as laptops, computers, iPod, mobiles, etc. It is mainly used for educational and entertainment purposes. The different file formats of video files are AVI, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, etc. It requires lots of effort to download a video file from internet. Sometimes video files get deleted or lost due to various reason such as file format conversion, improper transfer etc.

Under such condition if your video files get deleted or lost, you can use of Video Recovery tool to recover video files in few simple steps. It is one of the best tools to recover video files from any of the storage device. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Video Recovery tool is also capable in recovering pictures and songs from different storage device such as USB flash drive, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, etc.

Scenarios due to video files get deleted or lost

Accidental Deletion: Data loss happens due to human blunders like accidentally removing some files by using Shift + Delete key combination. While deleting unwanted video files from storage device, users accidentally selects some video files which is important. This results in permanent deletion of video files from storage device.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is one of the reason due to which video files get deleted or lost from different storage device. The video file gets infected when user is downloading or sharing video through infected system. This may results in deletion of video file due to third party application.

Unintentional Formatting: Formatoption is used to clean storage device. Sometimes when you are performing some task, you accidentally click on format option. This results in permanent deletion of video files from storage device.

Error in Media Player: Video files are played using different media players. Sometimes due to some error media player is not installed properly. When user plays video files on this player, then there might be chance that video files become inaccessible.

Features of Video Recovery Software

  • Video Recovery Software is compatible with all the latest operating system such as Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows Vista) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard,).
  • Video Recovery Software is a trusted application to recover video files from different storage device with great ease.
  • It has extraordinary feature to recover and also repair video files which gets corrupted due to several videos.
  • It is an effective application to perform video recovery from different brands of storage device such as SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony,etc
  • 24X7 services technical support is given to user who finds difficulty while accessing. It is one of the best features of this application.
  • Preview option is available which allow user to view the recovered video files.
  • It is one of the finest and fastest applications to recover videos from storage device. This software is available online across the world.

How to cope with the challenge of Uninitialized Disk?

Data that you save on your system it gets stored on the hard disk drive and also the partitions which are created onto it. It’s likely you have stored your favorite, videos precious photos, crucial documents, and films , etc. data stored on the could become inaccessible as a result of many problems. Challenges like corrupt file system of the of your respective PC, formatting, virus attacks, MBR corruption, and much more  could make data residing on the system inaccessible. Each one of these causes is recognized to almost all users and they also have managed methods to overcome each one of these issues that obstruct the sleek performance of the system.

But there’s  an additional such type of issue which will completely escape defer you from fetching your data present within the  hard disk drive  that is named as uninitialized disk. Not many of the people who use computers might be familiar with this kind of problem occurring in your system. The effects of uninitialized disk are it will make all the details or data stored on the system inaccessible for you. Often it will likely build your partitions invisible or drive letter invisible for you. When such situation arises you will end up much tensed because obviously you had stored many crucial data and then form of harm or missing of these data could cause you loss. And when this is actually the case with a businessman or possibly a software industry then it’s really going to be an enormous loss situation for such sort of users. Well never fear in any respect of data loss we have now developed software that is a complete treatment for these kinds’ types of data loss problems of uninitialized hard drive. You ought to utilize this program to unravel all of the issues and recover files lost from hard drive.

Causes of Data Loss from Hard drive

File system corruption: A corrupt file system could make your computer data present within the hard drive inaccessible. For those who have got your file system corrupted that you’re using in your system you will then be not able to access files saved. To enable your computer data accessible you can utilize this tool.

Formatting hard drive: Formatting of hard drive is obviously required if you obtain the file system of your respective system defected or when you reinstall an operating system on your PC. And combined with the formatting the hard disk drive there’s also a dangerous situation that could sometimes cause a lot of difficulty. Together with the formatting of the disk you might lose a number of your files, crucial computer data from hard disk drive. That’s the reason people who use computers will always be motivated to conserve a different copy or backup of vital files and folders prior to going to format your hard drive. To ensure that  in the event if  you find your computer data lost after formatting then you can certainly refer the backup  and acquire  important computer data back whenever required. However, in case your backup also does not help you to reclaim uninitialized hard disk drive data, then utilize this application.


How Would you Restore Lost Files in Windows after MFT Corruption??

Lost your valuable files and folders from Windows hard drive due to MFT corruption???Hard drive recovery software is there for you!!! This tool is the perfect answer for your question as this utility knows how to retrieve lost files after MFT corruption in Windows hard drive. It is highly recommended and reviewed by skilled professionals having experience in developing data recovery tools.

This recovery program will use inbuilt scanning algorithm which helps in scanning the entire hard disk sector by sector to identify the file types and then retrieve those files with the aid of their unique file extensions. The software has separate build for Mac and Windows operating system based computers.

Just you have to click to understand more about this restoration software.

Now let us see what MFT in Windows is??? How it gets corrupted causing data loss??

Computers have become the basic need for all the individuals who want to preserve their data for life time. These computers make use of hard drives to store their personal data along with OS files.

MFT is a Master File Table which is regarded as the main data storage table for Windows NTFS file system which saves the information about files present on the hard disk. The information like file name, contents, permissions, etc. of all the files and folders stored on the Windows NTFS volume. The structure of this MFT helps the user to minimize the disk fragmentation which in turn helps in upgrading the performance of the computer.

Master file table is actually a database table that acts like a starting point or base for the entire NTFS partition. But sometimes because of many reasons like OS errors, hard drive failure, external threats such as malware or viruses, etc. these MFT records might get damaged or corrupted. Corruption of MFT will do not allow the MBR to locate files on NTFS partition which is required in order to boot the computer. As a result, the computer becomes unbootable and hence you might you to suffer severe loss of data. To tackle with such data loss problem, you must try data recovery through a powerful and reliable third party tool such as hard drive recovery tool.

Now let us see some of the causes that are accountable for MFT corruption:

  1. Operating system crash due to power failure or any other reason can inhibit access to the stored files resulting in data loss.
  2. Repeated termination of the system might create bad sectors on the drive. This will make the files stored in that particular sector unreadable and causes loss of data.
  3. Using insecure and low quality tools for formatting the hard drive is the other major cause for MFT corruption leading to data loss.
  4. Generation of errors while repartitioning the hard disk might also damage or corrupt the Master File Table. This would result in inaccessibility of stored files as MFT holds the information of the files.

Beside this, other causes such as malware attack, MBR corruption, software or hardware malfunctioning, file system corruption, etc. are some more reasons for data loss from Windows NTFS volume after MFT corruption. Hard drive recovery program is the best tool which can retrieve your data after loss from Windows hard disk.

How this tool will help to recover lost files after MFT corruption???

When a file is deleted on a Windows PC then the contents of the file is not actually destroyed. Windows OS will maintain a list of all the files saved on Windows computer in “Master File Table”. So, when the file gets deleted and also emptied from Recycle Bin a special file deleted marker will be placed right after the file name in MFT. Hard drive recovery tool will scan the MFT in order to locate the file markers and thus makes it possible to undelete and restore them.

You can get more details about this utility by clicking here.

Simple steps to use hard drive recovery tool:

Get the trial version of the recovery software and install it on the hard disk of your system. Double click on the desktop icon to launch the application. Then select the suitable recovery option which you get during recovery process. Once you are done with file recovery you can evaluate the file restoration results and if you’re pleased with the results you can purchase its full version available on the internet.

Erased Data Recovery Tool for PC

It’s so easy task to bring back the missing data as long as your data files exist on your hard disk. After these kind of saved data obtain over-written with all the newly saved files, then your chances of getting back the previously deleted files from computer hard disk will not certainly complete. There is no possibility of recuperating these overwritten files on the hard drive. So soon after dropping the documents, be careful regarding the probability of the actual lost files erasure. As early as possible just after deleting, the information makes an effort to regain these files instantly. Bringing back the deleted file is no doubt an easy task. One outstanding file recovery application is capable enough to restore the deleted files effectively. Therefore, although choosing the right restoration tool always you need to be little careful. Don’t assume all recovery will provide the same effective recovery. Many of them might also result in further loss of data. Exactly the Recover Deleted Files Software supplies total assurance of the dropped data recovery.

Anytime you might confront these data loss conditions over the hard drive or perhaps alternatively storage units. With the up-to-date life-style each day, the chances of losing your data are increasing daily. It is very necessary to keep the backup of the saved files to avoid the chances of data loss. Therefore, it has become so difficult to handle the files over the hard drive. As you experience any data decline circumstances, it may be tough to confront the situation. Then you certainly try to find the option of the actual lost file recovery. May be you’re not aware about the fact that the files are still on your own storage device. Once the individual choose to eliminate the saved data, that is the situation when the particular file taken off and the address space is declared as available for the new data. So it is very easy to recover these types of data files with a single effective recover file software.   Whether your documents tend to be stored on the computer hard drive, its quite sure that the files will be certainly recover.

The particular commonly faced scenarios causes the data deletion problem on the hard disk,

  • Malware attack- Dangerous malware or the type of malware or even the spyware any time assaults on the stored data, it entirely deletes the saved files one by one to cause the massive data loss entirely.
  • Hard disk crash- Incorrect start up method or perhaps the quick method disappointment will cause hard disk crash and also the data loss around the hard drive.
  • Partitioning or even Repartitioning- Although dividing or even the repartitioning the hard drive to keep the large number of info, the actual documents may get misplaced.
  • Alternative software installation- If the documents acquire enacted as a result of virus attack and you are trying to find the virus influence you could have tried some antivirus computer utility on the effected data.

It’s unlikely the big circumstances till the time once you use the Data Recovery software on the personal computer hard drive. SATA, SCSI or IDE all kind of hard drives are generally supported by this recovery utility. This powerful software comes in the both Windows along with the Macintosh personal computer edition, which allows both the Windows and Mac users for the lost file recovery. To try out this wonderful computer software and every one of its features you may download the free trial edition of this software on the other device rather than the device from which you want to bring back the lost files.

Best way to recover formatted drive data

External hard drive drives add the most prominent sources for storing various data on computer systems and laptops, since it is very easy to handle these drives. The external hard drives are simply just called HDD most of the times plus they are portable, user friendly on multiple systems. The external hard disk drives vary brand vise as well as in storage capacity. It could store any kind of data about it and also the multiple brands of devices available today are Samsung, Transcend, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, Western Digital, Apple, Seagate, etc.

As possible store any type of data on these external hard disks it’s very true that these data may also be lost under various conditions. This happens because of numerous reasons and errors that occur when using the hard disk drive. Assume a predicament that you connected an external hard drive onto your system and selected few list of files from your system drive towards the external hard drive. The process of file transfer was dismissed because the interface between system and also the external drive was disconnected. This caused the files to get corrupt and thus each of the files rejected to spread out up when attempted to open. In this case the best solution to recover data from external hard disk is to make use of hard drive recovery software. You will find certainly numerous hard disk drive recovery tools which will retrieve multiple file varieties of data. Some other reasons that cause data loss from external computer drives might be the next:

  • Bad sectors – If the disk drive contains any bad sectors i.e. physical damages like scratches then a data trapped in that bad sectors is not accessed because those files have become corrupt. Thus the info may be lost because of presence of bad sectors.
  • Re-format/ Format – In case the computer drives are formatted or re-formatted without preparation then each of the data will probably be erased out of your hard disk. So accidental formatting through the drive will bring about loss of data.
  • Virus attack – If your hard disks are affected by any virus then the data which is been stored on it is going to be corrupted and thus you are unable to access the information.
  • Hard drive crash – Sometimes with the hard disk drives there are specific times wherein the drive crashes and thus ultimately causing loss of data.
  • System Crash – If you’re able to find any false operation or improper BIOS settings, then a system may get crash sometimes leading to data loss.

There are many reasons which could cause loss of data from system disk drive. In this case you are able to certainly employ third party hard disk recovery software and restore your lost files. The program easily restores each of the lost data from external computer drives. Here are some of the noticeable top features of the software program:

  • Restores each and every little lost data from non booting hard drives.
  • Can certainly recover various data from hard disks like SATA, SCSI, etc.
  • Lost data from computer drives having different file systems like FAT32, NTFS, HFS, etc could be recovered easily.
  • Inaccessible data from corrupt hard disks could be restored easily.
  • Performs data recovery from formatted drives and re-formatted hard disks.

The program can be employed on various os like Window 2003, 7, 2008, Windows, XP and Mac OS Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion. The software program enables you to restore the lost data with very few steps. You can be aware of software process by utilizing the demo software that you could easily download with the link. Make use of the software on your own system and recover every one of the lost data effortlessly. In the event the recovery process is really a useful one you’ll be able to select complete software.

Download Deleted File Recovery Utility

I am using a Moserbear 8 GB flash drive and inside that I had some official files which are of unique file signature. I by mistake deleted those file datas. Is it possible to recover those files?

Is it possible to regain data from a flash card if the data is deleted by an antivirus program?

Is there any file recovery software for lost files during the PC to device file transfer?

How to restore an exe file from a storage drive? Is it possible at any cause to download deleted file recovery software?

Yes definitely there are many chances of recovering the lost or deleted files in the USB drive but it have to satisfy two main circumstances. First thing perhaps there is should not be any physical damage and the USB drive shouldn’t be reused before the data needed is well recovered because further thumb drive usage may harm the very least available information in the drive which has been deleted previously. Whenever a file is deleted only the pointer pointing for the file location is deleted first then this storage memory space the location where the actual file located has ended written in the next file allotment. It’s highly risky much less economical to recoup files from rewritten memory.

Viruses the main reason for bad sector problems .You can find viruses which tops an order in threats to PC world. They are particularly built to damage the application area of the sectors called the MBR that points the information in the storage machine. During MBR is inaccessible mode hard drive will be unreachable through the OS. Among these the satisfactory part is that the data may be recovered using recovery tool. Any kind of files might be recovered by using a recovery oral appliance exe is among the extendable utilized by windows OS. As recovering the tool will consider it as one of several pre defined formatting and restore it quite easily. The very best tool I found up to now is described below.

At this time there a wide range of recovery tools in the web market.

  • Ø All of these will not provide data recovery from deleted partition just a few and its particular one among them
  • Ø Selecting up this is due to it has good reviews in a few from the famous software rating web sites like
  • Ø Bowls good output result when in combination with all hard disk drive models on the market including IDE, PATA, ATA, SATA, SCSI etc
  • Ø Point with time taken for scanning and restoring is extremely less for the optimized algorithm and also the file format it supports is especially large
  • Ø Annals deleted because of Boot configuration data corruption could be recovered easily

Driving your data recovery:

Driving this does not require skilled familiarity. Go through the steps…

  • Ø Reach the Download and install option from the net links.
  • Ø Decide the drive to be scanned for data’s.
  • Ø Choose the file that you would like to extract and save it within a newer location


Quite sure will allow you to save the recovered file until and unless if you work with the total sort of it.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Ø By no means try and install the application from the same logical drive as it may reset the memory arrangements from the drive which leads to recovery impossible
  • Ø The freeware is not highly recommended as it can contains malware and will not be a fruitful one
  • Ø Keeping the session every time while scanning the disks, confirms time saving and futuristic usages