BitLocker – Windows’ In-Built Tool

The TrueCrypt creators pulled back an open source encryption tool recently. Even one of the creators of the TrueCrypt expressed that to stop using TrueCrypt and skip on to Microsoft BitLocker. BitLocker is a newly introduced open source encryption technology. This article will be a beginner guide to BitLocker.


BitLocker is an inbuilt security feature in the Windows 7 and latest Windows Operating system. This helps the user to protect their files and folders on their system drive. This application helps you to protect your computer again offline attacks and manual hard drive attack by deleting the files. If you are protected with BitLocker you files will be protected you can access the files and folders using password, smart card credentials or using the data drive on BitLocker protected computer that has proper keys. The computer with previous versions of the Operating System can protected with BitLocker using BitLocker To Go Reader.

To access the files in the BitLocker protected Operating Systems you should give Personal Identification Number (PIN) along with Trusted Platform Module (TPM). If the BitLocker is used with TPM that gives you the enhanced protection and assured early boot component integrity. But the TPM protection can be given for the computers with well suited TPM microchip and BIOS. The version of the TPM should be 1.2 TPM and the BIOS should be compatible as defined by TCG (Trusted Computing Group). At the system start up, a process that is not visible by users will happen this is TPM interacts with BitLocker while but user log on experience is unchanged. However, if the startup information has changed, BitLocker will enter recovery mode, and you will need a recovery password or recovery key to regain access to the data. To get advanced and detailed information about BitLocker follow the link.

System Requirement:

The Microsoft BitLocker is accessible on Windows Vista, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise. If you are using Enterprise there are chanced for your PC belongs to a company on that case discuss with your company for BitLocker Protection. Upgrading your standard Windows OS to Windows 8 during initial rollout helps you to get BitLocker easily.

For running BitLocker application in your Windows PC you should be having computers with above OS specification and a TPM chip which is a chip that runs authentication check on your software, firmware and hardware. If the If the TPM detects an unauthorized change your PC will boot in a restricted mode to deter potential attackers. If you don’t know whether your computer has a TPM or multiple partitions, don’t sweat it. BitLocker will run a system check when you start it up to see if your PC can use BitLocker.