Steps to Recover Files from USB Flash Drives

“…. I stored few important office files on USB drive. When I inserted USB flash drive to system; my system window popped up with an alert to format the USB drive. I formatted the USB drive and now I have lost entire files. I’m in need of some files which is quite important. Could anyone suggest me- how to recover USB files from formatted USB flash drive?” “…. While performing delete operation on few files, I have deleted one of the most important file unknowingly. I’m not able to find the deleted file in Recycle Bin. Where do I get that deleted file? Is that possible to recover USB files?”

“….I prepared a PPT for my technical seminar. It consisted of 25 slides and stored on USB flash drive. All slides were working fine yesterday, but when I opened now, few slides are missing out and some slides are not opening. I’m receiving an alert of corrupted slides cannot be opened.  I’m worried!!! I have to present the slides afternoon. I’m totally blank. Please… Anyone help me out in restoring corrupted PPT file”

“…. While transferring files from USB flash drive to system, due to abrupt system shutdown transfer process was incomplete. Some files are missing, how can I restore those missed files?”

The above scenarios are most commonly faced by maximum users in day to day life. Do not worry when the files get deleted from USB flash drive. Recovering deleted/lost/formatted files from USB flash drive can be achieved successfully by using USB file recovery tool.

This software is fabricated and developed with a special scanning algorithm which thoroughly helps in retrieving deleted files in a few simple mouse clicks. The different files regardless of size or type can be easily restored easily with the help of this application tool. Various file formats including MP3, MP4, JPG, JPNG, PPT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, MOV, AVI, etc. can be recovered with an ease.

It supports to recover the files from formatted USB drive. Retrieving files from various brands of USB flash drive is simpler with the use of this software. This app easily restores the data from various file system like FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, HFS, etc.

How to restore the USB files?

Follow few steps ahead with USB Recovery tool to recover the deleted/lost/formatted files from USB flash drive:

  • Download and install USB Recovery software on your operating system
  • Later, connect the USB flash drive to the system and launch the application.
  • Select Recover drives option from the main screen window. Choose either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option on the next screen window.
  • Select the USB drive from the list of logical drive from where you want to recover the files.
  • Scanning process to recover USB files will be initiated. After successful completion of the software one can preview the list of recovered files.
  • Purchase the software to save the recovered files on your desired path.

Free Software to Perform SDHC Card Recovery

secure-digital-high-capacity-card-sdhc-memory-11SDHC card stands for Secure Digital high capacity card. It is used in different electronic devices such as cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and so many devices. This devices is sometimes used to transport files from one device to another. It consists of multiple advantages but it might happen that files get deleted due to several human errors such as accidental deletion, file system corruption, abrupt ejection, etc. In such condition, user is looking for reliable tool to recover deleted or lost files from SDHC card.

SDHC Card Recovery is an advanced tool to recover files including pictures, videos and music files from SDHC card. This recovery tool is compatible on various Windows system working on either 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. The software is capable in recovering files from SDHC card file system such as NTFS, FAT and EXFAT. You are able to recover files from SDHC card as well as from SDXC card, XD card, memory card, pen drive, hard drives, etc. This software is available online so that user can purchase online and recover deleted files from SDHC card not formatted error.

Scenarios for deletion or loss of files from SDHC card

Human Errors: There are several human errors due to which files get deleted or lost from SDHC card.  While using mobile or cameras, if user accidentally press delete button then all files get permanently deleted from SDHC card.

File System Corruption: The file system of contains the information of files and folder stored on any data storage device. If file structure is deleted due to file system corruption then there are high possibility that user lose files stored on SDHC card.

Bad Sector: It is a sector available on storage device which is damaged due to overheating or power sink. In such situation, files written over that sector get lost from the SDHC card. It happen when user is continuously using system.

Other Factors: Several other circumstances for data loss SDHC card are virus attack, power failure, abrupt ejection of card, use of unreliable software, etc.

You can use this software in all the above mentioned scenarios for data loss from SDHC card. With this recovery application, you can recover SDHC card not formatted error and restore files on any data storage device.

Features of SDHC Card Recovery tool

  • This recovery application can be installed on different operating system with utmost ease. You can easily recover the files SDHC within few simple and effective steps.
  • The demo version of SDHC card recovery tool is available online on website so that user can purchase and recover deleted files easily.
  • You are also able to preview recovered files using demo version of this tool. But you need to purchase this application when you want to save recovered files.
  • Technical support team is always available to provide support while recovering files from SDHC card.
  • To know more about this application, you can refer this link:

Easily Repair Damaged QuickTime MOV file for Mac

downloadMOV is a popular video file format developed by Apple Inc. The QuickTime player uses .MOV as a native file format to play and save video files on Mac or Windows computer. It is most preferable video file format because of its transfer ability and the ease of share. With the MOV file format, it is easy to convert to other file formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, etc. In spite of several features sometimes MOV video file get corrupted and you are unable to play video files.

Though Fix MOV tool can be used under such condition to repair corrupt or damaged video files. This software fix MOV files on Mac as well as on Windows based system. Using the application, you can repair MOV video files from SD card, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, SSD card, etc. Once you repair the file the software provides option to save on either internal or external storage device. You can purchase Fix MOV tool online to repair videos without any issues.

Scenarios for corruption of MOV video files

Improper Termination while Transferring files: If you encounter error in bit pattern or file structure of the file then MOV video files get damaged as a result you are unable to play video file. It happens due to power surge or sudden shut down of system.

Unsupported Media Player: The use of media player other than QuickTime player sometimes damaged the MOV video file. Due to unsupported media player header file gets damaged and makes the data file inaccessible.

Converting MOV to another Format: The use of third party tool which is not opt to convert MOV video file can sometimes corrupts the file format. MOV video files also get corrupted due to any interruption occurs while converting video file format.

Storage Media Corruption: Bad sector, virus or malware infection, software conflicts are some of the reasons due to which storage device get corrupted which in turn corrupts the MOV video file stored in that device.

QuickTime Error: Sometimes you get an error message like couldn’t open file while playing MOV file on Quick Time player. This is an indication for corruption of video file.

You can use this application to repair MOV files on Mac based system. This software includes number of benefits over other fixer tool.

Features of Fix MOV Tool

  • This tool is compatible with Mac system that repairs MOV video file as well as MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, etc.
  • The software creates copy of original file then repair the corrupted file keeping original file unmodified.
  • Fix MOV tool provide assistance to users who find difficulty in repairing MOV video file.
  • Demo version of this application is also available so that user can download for free to test the performance. You can only preview the repaired file but unable to save the MOV video file.
  • You can download this application from website and then repair the MOV file without any issues.

Quickly Repair Corrupted or Damaged Files on Windows and Mac

repair filesThe files stored in different storage device are corrupted due to various scenarios such as virus attack, upgradation of Office version, use of unreliable tool to open file, etc. Due to these scenarios, user is unable to access the files and frustrated. It takes lots of effort to collect such files so user want to repair corrupted files in easy and reliable way.

Quick Repair File is one of the specified and outstanding tools to repair corrupted files with utmost ease. With this tool, user is able to repair PST, OST, DOC, DOCX, PPT, RAR, ZIP, MOV, AVI, PSD, etc. You can download this tool either on Windows PC or on Mac system. The software is very less in size so that you can easily download and install on your PC. Using this software, you are capable in repairing files from different version of Microsoft Office. You can sort out all issues with the use of this fixer tool. The user can even repaired password protected files in few steps.

Know about the scenarios due to which files get corrupted from Windows or Mac system

Termination of Application: If the application is closed suddenly due to power surge or low battery then there is possibility that opened file may get corrupted and become inaccessible to users.

Improper Compression of Files: When user is compressing files using unreliable tool then the compressed file get corrupted. The compressed become inaccessible under such circumstances.

Virus Attack: It is quite common scenario for corruption of files stored in your system. It happens when you are connected to infected device or websites. As you are connected to system device, virus enters your system and start corrupting your files.

Oversized Issue: The size of file sometimes corrupts the Outlook files. As you all know, there is some limitation in storage capacity of Outlook files. If the size of file increase the size of Outlook file, then it may get corrupt.

Above scenarios can be easily repaired with the use of Quick Repair File. This software can be purchased for both Windows and Mac operating system. It includes simple technique to repair damaged or corrupted file.

Features of Quick Repair File Tool

  • This software can repair different file format such as DOCX, DOC, PDF, PDS, MOV, AVI, and many more.
  • You can repair password protected files in a safe and secure way. This software is free from several types of malware and virus programs.
  • It is recommended to users to repair files on Windows and Mac system. The versions on which you can use this software are Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • The demo version of this tool can repair files with great comfort but user is unable to save repaired file. It is compulsory to buy the product in order to save repaired files.
  • The technical expert help users in the access of software. 24X7 service is available in order to provide support.
  • To know more about this tool, refer this link:

An Effective Software to Recover Data from SDXC Memory Card

SDXC card is a small portable external storage media that belongs to the family of SD cards. It is used in various multimedia devices like cameras, iPods, camcorders, mobiles, store the data. It has the capability to store enormous amount of data such as photos, audio and video files, applications, spreadsheets, documents, etc. and also used to backup the data. SDXC cards can be varied according to their storage capacities (i.e. from 32GB to 2 TB) and holds so many striking features such as high data transfer rate, pocket sized, easily portable, and so on.SDXC card data recovery

Have you ever come across the scenarios like deletion or loss of data from SDXC cards? If yes, then you stepped in right place. There are various scenarios which results in the loss of data, don’t get panic under such situations whatever may be the scenarios you can perform SDXC card data recovery with the help of SDXC Card Recovery software. This software has the potential to get back the entire deleted or lost data with few mouse clicks.

Reasons due to which data gets deleted or lost from SDXC card:

  • Accidental Deletion: The main reasons behind the deletion of data from SDXC card is human errors i.e. while performing deletion operation user might accidentally select some important data along with unwanted one and hit delete option.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: While moving the data from SDXC card to system’s hard drive and vice versa if any sort of interruptions takes place then it results in the deletion or loss of data from SDXC cards.
  • Formatting Errors: At the time of accessing the data from the SDXC cards, due to some unexpected errors user might encounter with an error message to format the SDXC card. To make it accessible user has to format it which results in wiping of entire data from SDXC cards.
  • Other Factors: Some other reasons responsible for the deletion or loss of data from SDXC cards are software conflicts, file system corruption, hardware issues, bad sectors, virus attacks, boot sector corruption, etc.

Features of SDXC Card Recovery Software:

  • This software supports SDXC card data recovery on different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It is used to recover various types of data such as multimedia files, documents, ZIP files, office files etc.
  • Besides SDXC card recovery, this software is also used for recovering deleted or lost data from various memory card types like SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, CF, etc.
  • This reliable tool has the capability to recover data from damaged, formatted and reformatted SDXC cards.
  • It consists of an advance algorithm which has the capability to retrieve RAW data supported by various DSLR’s.
  • SDXC card recovery software is also used to perform data recovery from various SD card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, LaCie, Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba, Lexar, Panasonic, Moser Baer, etc.

About New OneNote app released by Microsoft

A new tool was unveiled by the computer giant, Microsoft that allows the users to quickly migrate their content from Evernote to OneNote. On Monday the OneNote Importer tool was released and in a blog post the relevant information was made available by the company.

icon128-2xThe purpose of the tool is to lure away the users from Evernote, with a new device that is able to migrate the information of the people from the startup’s note-taking service. For Windows a newly released tool is available currently. In the upcoming months, Microsoft intends to release a version that is suitable for Mac.

For the users to enjoy the OneNote tool is associated with free form canvas. By the help of this unique feature, the users are allowed to combine documents with handwriting, images, audio or video clips.

The personalization is the key in the current marketplace in order to pursue a new customer target, as the personal preferences can be accommodated as well as amplifies the range.

In order to get the users attention this application was determined, also it can be accessed offline for free of cost. The availability for users to download it for free is one of the biggest advantages of OneNote alongside with the Office Suite. The goal of attracting more customers will be achieved for sure by the tech giant into drifting from Evernote to OneNote.

Along with the other products of Microsoft Office, the Office Suite is designed such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The Microsoft’s OneNote app development was another perk that users are able to upload unlimited data even in offline.

Microsoft’s place in efficiency apps

In 2014 over 100 million customers have claimed by Evernote, buy still its total user base is not published. In both Android app and iOS app store it is considered one of the leading productivity apps.

According to the reports of Verge Microsoft announced it’s Office Apps in January and has reached 340 million users worldwide and over 30 million users were accessing over Outlook from Android and iOS devices.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Memory Card?

recover formatted memory card

Memory card is an extended memory space for mobile phones, cameras, iPod, camcorders, etc. It is a device sometimes used for transferring files from one device to another. It is mainly used to store media files such audio file, video file and pictures. Sometimes memory gets corrupted due to any reason, in such case user is forced to format the memory card in order to reuse the card. After formatting all files ad folder get lost from memory card.

In such drastic condition, you can use Recover Formatted Memory Card tool to recover deleted files from memory card. This tool can be easily downloaded and used on any operating system. With the use of this tool, you can recover files from SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba memory cards without any issues. This card recovery tool is capable in recovering almost media files in a safe and secure way. It is available online on website so that user can purchase and recover files.

Reasons due to which files get lost from memory card

  • Virus attack generally occurs when the memory card is connected to infected device. As you connect the memory card to infected system or device virus enters into the memory card and corrupts your card.
  • Accidental format is a general scenario for data loss from memory card. When user performing any task, instead of clicking any other button user press format button. This results in deletion of all files and folders from memory card.
  • While transferring files, if any interruption occurs then there is chance that files from memory card get lost and users is unable to find such files any more.
  • File system corruption is another option that forces user to format the memory card. Due to file system corruption user is unable to find out the files saved in memory card.

Precautions to overcome scenarios

  • Prepare back up of all important files.
  • Avoid abrupt ejection of memory card from devices.
  • Check the files before format the memory card.

Recover Formatted Memory Card tool can be used to recover files from formatted memory card.  This card recovery tool is free from malwares programs so it is safe and secure tool.

Features of Recover Formatted Memory Card

  • This card recovery tool can be installed on all the versions of Mac as well as Windows operating system.
  • You can preview the recovered files from memory card after performing data recovery. This tool never allows you to save the recovered file if you didn’t have licensed version.
  • With the use of this tool, you are able to recover files from formatted memory card in a pitch perfect way.
  • Recover Formatted Memory Card tool can easily recover files from different brands of memory card on Mac and Windows operating system.

Learn About How to Remove Virus from Android Devices


Usually third party applications are responsible for the installation of Android virus. In order to remove Android virus in a safe mood then there is necessary to remove its administration status and uninstall the apps which are affected.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALiAAAAJGIzN2FhNTlmLWUyMTUtNDI5My04NDdjLWE2MTIzZDJiODJiMwHow to remove virus from Android: Step-by-step guide

  • Attack of virus on your android device is most disappointing activity. Mostly it attacks when you answer to the ad that will try to convince you to download app or dodge pop-up. If you respond to it your device may start misbehaving. So always avoid clicking on unknown apps and don’t download them.
  • Secondly you need to keep your tab or mobile in a safe mode. Once you done with it, your device will be prevented from running of any third party apps, which includes any malware. On many devices to access the power off options you can make use of the power button, press and hold Power off in order to bring up an option to restart in Safe mode. If this option is not available in your device, then you need to find a procedure on Google and follow the instructions present in it. Once the Safe mode is activated then you can see the “Safe mode” at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Now go to the Settings menu and then choose Apps, there go to Downloaded tab and now you can easily. Try to know the virus affected your Android phone or tablet, if you don’t know the virus then go through the list and that you can see any dodgy looking app.
  • Now after identifying the virus affected app and tap on that app in order to open its info page and click on to uninstall. In most of the cases this procedure is just to remove the virus, but sometime the virus will give Device administrator status and due to this Uninstall button will get greyed out.
  • After Uninstalling you need to exit the App menu and tap on the Settings, and then go to Device administrators. In this page tab you can see the list of all the apps that are with administrator status. Now to remove those apps from the administrators you just need to untick the box of that app, after unticking tap on the Deactivate on the next screen. Now again you should go to the app menu and uninstall the virus apps.

Know More Information About Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD

Are you desiring any SSD after M.2/PCle NVMe SSD performance? And if you had enough cash then it is better to adopt Samsung 950 Pro. Samsung is considered to one of the world largest producer of NAND flash memory. It is the only firm to sell the SSD drives with a controller and a firmware that is developed in house using NAND flash memory i.e. manufactured at its own plants. Samsung 950 Pro uses Samsung 3D V-NAND technology which means the transistors that make up the memory can be arranged both horizontally and vertically in layers. Samsung V-NAND is the advanced product which is widely using all around the world. It can be treated as TLC (triple level cell or 3-bit), MLC (multi-level or 2-bit), and SLC (single level or 1-bit). But in case of 950 Pro Samsung treats it as MLC and the results are quite good like 2GBps sequential reading and 1.5GBps sequential writing.

Know More Information About Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD

Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD is going to be available in two capacities i.e. 256 GB and 512 GB. The 256 GB version is capable of 2.2GBps read and 900MBps write, whereas the 512 GB version is capable of 2.5GBps read and 1.5GBps write transfer speeds. The 256GB version is also capable of 270k IOPS read and 85K IOPS write, while 512GB version is capable of 300K IOPS read and 110K IOPS write. Now-a-days SSD vendors are playing an important role. If we took the results of synthetic benchmark real world copy tests Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD performance is much better than Kingston HyperX Savage.

The module of Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD is coated with black color and looks good. It is thin and at the top of it, it is covered by a sticker which hides the actual chips, and the bottom of SSD has circuit board pattern. The connector end looks like a shrunken expansion card. Mother board will have three screw posts to accommodate the modules of different lengths. It is very easy to plug M.2 cards into any motherboard, but care should be taken, not to lose any tiny screw because it is pre-attached one.

Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD can be available in very low price. One can afford 199 U.S dollars for 256 GB and 349 U.S dollars for 512 GB. 950 Pro offers five years warranty on the drives and even higher terabytes written (TBW) rating than older SSD’s i.e. it offers 200 TBW for the 256 GB models and 400 TBW for the 512 GB drives.

Read These Tips to Know How to Recover Digital Photos on Mac

Pictures are one of the best ways to remember past favorite instance forever. In earlier days, people use to capture images and takeapple-logo paper prints. These paper prints were vulnerable to damage. They might get damaged with time. Due to the advancement in the technology, digital images have gained a lot of popularity. They provide security and now the pictures can be shared without any trouble. Just make a copy of it and share it with your circle. We can even upload and share photos with family and friends, on numerous social networking sites or through email. But this does not mean that images are secure. No matter what protections you take, there might come a situation when you may lose them.

Generally, people captures picture by using digital camera and move them to their Mac system for making some changes or storing them. But sometime they may deleted images from their Mac computer. After facing such difficult situation you want to perform Mac digital photo recovery at any cost. Now the question comes in your mind that is, how to recover deleted or lost pictures. The answer is Mac Photo Recovery. It is a best recovery program that has specially designed to restore deleted or lost digital images in Mac system. Before talking about the features of this recovery tool let us talk about the most common causes which lead to photo deletion on Mac systems:

  • Deletion (Accidental / Intentional)
  • Formatting the storage device containing pictures
  • File System Corruption
  • Unexpected System Shutdown
  • Emptying Trash folder
  • Disconnecting the device during transferring process
  • Abrupt removal of the external storage device containing the pictures

Whatever might be a reason behind image deletion or loss, Mac digital photo recovery can be done by making the use of Mac Photo Recovery application. It has built with powerful scanning algorithm that enables you to perform recovery procedure with utmost ease. It can scan a complete storage drive for deleted / lost pictures in negligible time period. It is capable to recover digital photos Mac from various storage devices such as external device like USB drives, CF Card, XD Card, SD card, Memory Stick, external Zip drive, external hard drives, iPods, etc. It is compatible with several versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Yosemite.

Mac Photo Recovery application is available as a free evaluation version, so that you check the performance of Mac digital photo recovery process. The demo version works exactly the same as the full version, but it does not allow you to save the recovered images. After performing the scanning, it provides a preview of the recovered photos to make sure that the required images have been successfully restored or not. The features such as Find Tool, Save Recovery Session, and Signature Search makes the complex recovery process very easy. With the help of Mac Photo Recovery tool you can easily restore deleted or lost images from various MacBook models such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.