About New OneNote app released by Microsoft

A new tool was unveiled by the computer giant, Microsoft that allows the users to quickly migrate their content from Evernote to OneNote. On Monday the OneNote Importer tool was released and in a blog post the relevant information was made available by the company.

icon128-2xThe purpose of the tool is to lure away the users from Evernote, with a new device that is able to migrate the information of the people from the startup’s note-taking service. For Windows a newly released tool is available currently. In the upcoming months, Microsoft intends to release a version that is suitable for Mac.

For the users to enjoy the OneNote tool is associated with free form canvas. By the help of this unique feature, the users are allowed to combine documents with handwriting, images, audio or video clips.

The personalization is the key in the current marketplace in order to pursue a new customer target, as the personal preferences can be accommodated as well as amplifies the range.

In order to get the users attention this application was determined, also it can be accessed offline for free of cost. The availability for users to download it for free is one of the biggest advantages of OneNote alongside with the Office Suite. The goal of attracting more customers will be achieved for sure by the tech giant into drifting from Evernote to OneNote.

Along with the other products of Microsoft Office, the Office Suite is designed such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The Microsoft’s OneNote app development was another perk that users are able to upload unlimited data even in offline.

Microsoft’s place in efficiency apps

In 2014 over 100 million customers have claimed by Evernote, buy still its total user base is not published. In both Android app and iOS app store it is considered one of the leading productivity apps.

According to the reports of Verge Microsoft announced it’s Office Apps in January and has reached 340 million users worldwide and over 30 million users were accessing over Outlook from Android and iOS devices.