Tool to Migrate Your MS Outlook Data

Are you finding it hard to migrate Outlook data between Windows PC’s that are using different versions of operating system as well Outlook? Read this page, it will help you in easing out the procedure of migrating Outlook into a new PC.

Without doubt, the most preferred email client application in most of the organizations is Microsoft Outlook. It comes along with Microsoft Office package and the numerous versions of it include Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and the latest version 2013. Microsoft Outlook facilitates the user to manage their contact information, emails, calendar items, settings, reminders, RSS feeds, journals, etc.

Microsoft Outlook holds all the above mentioned information in a file which is called as PST or Personal Storage Table. The highlight of Outlook is the ability of accessing Outlook data even when you are offline, which means there is no internet connection. OST or Offline Storage Table allows the user to access the Outlook data when you are offline.

Why is the need to migrate Outlook?

A person might think of migrating Outlook data, in case if he/she have got a new PC. We can actually configure in new system itself but this might take long period of time, as it depends on the data contained on your email account.

Formatting the drive that holds the Windows operating system will remove Outlook data from PC, so it is important for user to migrate Outlook data into another secure location. So that it is possible to get back easily into Outlook profile.

Before upgrading Outlook version into new versions, you will have to have back up Outlook data.

Migration of Outlook is not that easy to do for normal users and hence the need for a simple mechanism to migrate Outlook is definitely on the rise. Due to the significance of migrating Outlook, Microsoft have also opened these services but not many users knows about it. If you are already using Outlook then you don’t need to synchronize Outlook from scratch, use the back up of Outlook data.

Migrate Outlook application is one of the finest tools that will help you to backup Outlook data, the complexity level of this tool is really less. It is the safest approach to migrate data from Outlook. It copies information like emails, contacts, calendars, reminder, and tasks efficiently. Below, we have mentioned the best highlights of this incredible tool.

Why you need to choose this Outlook Migrate Software?

Even though there is an inbuilt mechanism by Microsoft to migrate the Outlook data, it is used less due to the complexity in the process. Microsoft has given with set of tools which include File settings transfer, Windows easy transfer and many more but it has some drawback as well, the main drawback is it’s not Outlook specific, PST file won’t be there if you have relocated it, the possibility of corruption of PST file.

But this Outlook migrate software is specifically built for this purpose. The ratings by industry experts is a solid proof of the quality maintained by this application. You can use this tool to migrate data from Outlook data into new PC that runs with different versions of Outlook and operating system. If you want to move Outlook data into new PC, you don’t need to hesitate in using this tool.

This application works perfectly with all versions of Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. Software allows users to take back up of Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2007. It ensures that all the emails, contacts, journal items, reminders, tasks and reminders are moved safely.