Restore Lost Mac files from USB drive

Nowadays the USB drives are becomes popular because of its portability, reliability and compatibility. It turns out to be a part of everyone’s life. It uses to take a backup of all important documents, videos, music, applications etc., and you can transfer data from one device to another device.  You keep all your important files which you want to work with daily in to USB drive.

One day you try to open the USB drive but it is showing a message like “USB cannot be open, need to be format first”. Your heart is trembled when you saw that message. You may try for hours to get back those files but there is no use. You cannot open your USB drive without following the Mac’s suggestion to format. Suddenly the situation becomes so worst that you never experience before in your life. You may be busy in thinking about the situation happened to yourself in many ways like why it happened to me?, Can I rescue my lost files?, How can I get back my lost files?, Is there any software to recover my lost files?.

Yes, there is one way to recover mac files or restore mac files from usb using data recovery software.

USB drive is a storage device. It used to store documents, videos, music, application and all your daily work files. And can be share the data from one device to another. These USB drives can work with both windows and Mac OS. These are available in size capacity ranging from 1 GB to 65 GB. Because of these features you like you USB drive very much.

Go through the steps given below to get back your lost mac files from USB. First of all you need to download the software from data recovery software website. And install it in your Mac computer. Open the software and select the “Recover Files” option. Select the ”Recover Lost files”. Now select the USB drive partition from where you have lost files and click “Next”. Select the file type from the categories list. Select the required files to save. To save the recovered files choose CD/DVD or different partition.