PST file repairing to get the Outlook’s data.

User of Outlook (a client tool) often faces the problem with PST if not conducted properly. Number of questions are there regarding PST file and even inversely proportional supporting file named OST. OST file is basically used to save the data in offline mode.

An Outlook which involve answer for every question and some more knowledge can lead to awareness. Why is Outlook basically used for and what all files are used to save the data. Is there any facility to work in offline mode with Outlook? What backhands are used to save the data in Outlook and if there is no connection of the internet then what is used on behalf of online files?


Outlook a strong client side tool which is used for the emailing and is famous worldwide. This tool was built by Microsoft in the year 2000. The numbers of such software are developed for emailing but comparing to other software this tool is the strongest as this is the only tool provide a facility to work in off-line mode.

Versions came one after the other and the first to come was the Outlook 2000 in which the PST size was 2GB then comes the Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and the latest version which Microsoft launched was Outlook 2010. The older version was having the problem with PST files which was increased after.

What back hand is used by Outlook and is that medium is corrupt resistance? 

PST the answer to the first question that is used to save the data at back hand and save all the corresponding data of Outlook. This file actually holds the data at the time when we are in online mode and if working in offline mode than OST is used.

So if at a certain stage there is a data loss then is there any way to overcome from this problem?

To repair PST in outlook you need to use inbuilt tool which repair the file from if not suffering from serious corruption.

There are a number of tools which can be used to do an Outlook PST repair. There are ways to repair the PST file after corruption but is not reliable all the time as there are some terms and condition to be followed.

What could be the reasons which can corrupt the PST files at the back end?

  • Oversized PST file, this is the scenario in which data exceed from the size of PST file and could not be recovered from inbuilt tools.
  • Pirated third party tool most of the time are the causes of glitches and are the biggest reason for data loss and corruption of files.
  • Compression of files to make it portable can be the reason for data loss.

And if these reasons are opposed then the data can be saved but if this too fails then the last option left is the use of third party tool, you can download  the software from internet and can do the recovery.