Guidelines to recover Mac files from USB Drive

USB drive is a non – volatile, portable secondary storage media which is generally utilized to store photos, video clips, pictures, text document etc. They have high data storage capacity and performance. Even though USB drive has all these advanced features, sometimes you can lose data from Mac system. Then you cannot recover Mac files yourself without the help of third party application.

A few scenarios where you might lose files from USB drive on Mac are explained below.

  • Unintentional deletion: Sometimes you might delete important files using unintentionally from the USB drive, while deleting other files. These files does not travels to the Trash then there is a less possibility to recover them, using restore option. Then to restore Mac files from USB you need to make use of Mac file recovery software.
  • Formatting USB drive: After connecting a USB drive to a computer, you might get error like “drive isn’t formatted, would you like to format it now”. At that time, if you have formatted the drive, you may lose data.
  • USB drive corruption: Storage device can get corrupt on account of a lot of reasons such as improper ejection from the computer, interruption during data transfer etc. All data from corrupted drive become inaccessible.
  • File system corruption: If a file system of storage device was corrupted, all files stored in it become inaccessible. It could be corrupted due to virus attack. Virus can arise as a result of browsing of some third party websites and downloading contents from unauthorized sites.

IF you are a regular computer, you must follow below mentioned precautions, to prevent data loss.

  • Correct backup: Take regularly backup of pictures, videos, photos, text files, etc, to be able to recover them from backup file, if you encounter loss of data.
  • Do not use the drive after formatting: Should you lost data due to accidental formatting of storage device and you want to recover them, and then don’t go to save any new data since it overwrites old data and you will lose old files permanently.

In case if you have lost files on Mac, then to recover Mac files from storage device like USB drive, you can use some alternative software like Mac recovery software. It has strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, by making use of this it recovers all lost files from various kinds of USB drives like Pen drive, external hard drive, flash memory cards etc. It supports HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 file systems. By using this application, you can see recovered Mac files, before restoration. So, you can download demo version of this software, to evaluate Mac file recovery. Once you had delighted by demo version, you can buy complete version of this software.