Best tool for media file recovery

It has been seen that due to known or unknown reasons people lose their audio files from different music player, which they think that “It can’t be recovered anyhow”. But it is not the actual set-up, whenever any file is deleted from storage device only it’s pointer is erased leaving the data at that place. When any pointer to file is erased file system sends a message to operating system that the file location is available for storing file. This file remains there as long as it is not overwritten by any other file. So if any user needs to recover audio files from any storage device, then he should use Media Recovery Software.

Usually people lose their audio files due to accidental deletion of files from any storage device. Such an instance occurs when you try to make any modification in the contents of your device. Later on when you find missing files on storage card, you are left to remorse upon your action, But actually you need not remorse since each of the deleted files can be easily restored by usage of media recovery tool like Media Recovery Software which has one of the best scanning algorithm.

Sometimes to get used to ones ipod or any media player consumers by mistake format there storage card, due to this nonnegotiable behavior of user each of the files from card gets erased without having proper backup. So if are in the same situation then you need to have software like Media Recovery Software to retrieve each of the media files from storage card within few minutes of its implementation. Apart from above mentioned scenarios media files can be lost due other different reasons such as virus intrusion, file system corruption, boot mbr corruption of computer, etc. Some of the glittering features of Media Recovery Software are:

  • This software has one of the unique scanning algorithm which scans entire drive within few minutes of its application.
  • It is familiar with different versions of Windows operating system.
  • Restored audio files can be put in storage device on the basis of name, file size, file extension, and creation date of file.
  • Files which are recovered can be compressed to save hard disk space.
  • Recovered files can be stored on any desired location i.e. on internal or external storage device.
  • Expertise to recover compressed files from NTFS or FAT formatted drives.
  • It has user friendly graphic user interface to provide assistance to any level of operator i.e. expert or novice.

Issues that need to be taken care of prior to audio file restoration are:

  • Stop any further utilization of storage drive for which you wish to retrieve your data so that overwriting of files doesn’t occur.
  • Download and install your software other than drive from were data is to be recovered so that overwriting doesn’t take place.

Thus by going through the features of Media Recovery Software we can easily suggest any user that it is one of the appropriate tool to restore files which are deleted intentionally or unintentionally. You may get it from internet for evaluation usage.

Guide to recover music from iPod using the best iPod Recovery Tool

The iPod is a media player from Apple that is not only different in from other media players in its working but also in the way that it has been designed. These are the features that have been the main reason for the iPod to become popular among the people worldwide. However, overcoming the issues related to the iPod can sometimes be a little bit of a frustration to the user. Loss of media files due to several reasons is one of the major issues when it comes to iPod. Among loss of different types of media files, loss of music files is one of the major ones, as majority of people use the iPod to listen to music.

Music files can get deleted or lost from the iPod when you accidentally restore the iPod. This can be done by using the iTunes software which provides the option to do so. Corruption of the iPod which causes it to freeze is another cause for loss of music files. IPod not syncing properly with iTunes could also result in loss of music files. Besides these reasons common mistakes by the user like unplugging the iPod during data transfer which could also result in loss of music files.

Though many users feel that all their music files have been deleted or lost permanently after such scenarios, the truth is that it is possible to recover music from iPod after all the above given scenarios using a good iPod recovery tool, as these are cases of logical data loss and not physical data loss. The only thing that the user has to be careful of is to make sure that he does not continue using the affected iPod after data loss so that the deleted data does not get overwritten by new data.