Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

Now a day’s, the available storage space with the computer is enormous because all of us want to keep their important data in the system. As we are dealing with this huge amount of information, losing of information is not a big issue. You may lose data on your computer easily or some information get inaccessible showing an error message. This severe loss of data can make you panic easily if you cannot create those data again. Naturally, this situation arises when if file system of the hard drive is converted to a RAW file system that cannot accessed by the operating system. In that situation, usefulness of formatting comes into the scenario. To get rid of the trouble easily the only option you have is to format the computer. Though, you can access the formatted drive, with that facility you have to accept a severe data loss problem. But don’t worry, all these lost data can be recovered easily with an efficient restoration tool.

There is more than one situation where you can format your computer drive. If you observe the reasons of the formatting carefully, you will see most of the cases user formats any drive accidentally and in some other cases; you have no option other than formatting to access the drive. When you are working with disk management utility, you must be very careful because most of the accidental formatting happens due to inefficient handling of this tool. Other than that, you have to format the drive when the drive is corrupted and you cannot access it. In all these cases, you will completely lose all information stored in the drive. Then you must want to retrieve those data from the formatted partition, it will be only possible by an efficient application.

If we take a closer look on the frequently happened reasons, re-installation of operating system is very important. Operating system of computer is being upgraded very frequently and we are very interested to install it. You may also install more than one operating system in your computer. At this time of installation, you have to select a drive where you want to install it. Then formatting will be the first step to prepare the drive for installation. As a result, you will lose all the information in that drive without your consent. Do not get frustrated after this severe loss because there is still a possibility of data recovery after format. After this loss, all data remains in the same location but OS do not access them. Therefore, if you employ an efficient data recovery program you can be able to get back all you information after this formatting.

Apart from that, viruses or external threats are big reason to make any of your drive corrupted or inaccessible. Some severe threats directly attack to the file system of the hard drive and make a replica of it. File system of a drive is responsible to keep all the information about files stored in it. It is also used to access those data. Therefore, due to corruption of file system of the hard drive the contents of it will be lost or inaccessible. Then you have to format the drive. In this case, also you can use this advanced tool to rescue all information easily. Even you can use this utility to recover files after reformat the drive. There are some other reasons also which are also responsible for hard drive corruption after which formatting will be necessary. Some of them are hardware failure, drive error, MBR corruption, improper shutdown, extensive use of hard drive etc.

Always remember that if you format any hard drive on the system, the original files are never removed permanently, only the pointer pointing to the file is deleted from the file system and a flag is marked to that location as accessible.  It will be available to that location until any other data is assigned to that location. So, if you want to recover files from a formatted drive, do not use that drive before restoration. This rescue application is very simple and very easy to operate in data recovery after format. It is also featured to restore lost files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS and ExFAT partitions. It is capable to retrieve more than 300 types of file including document, music, video, PPT and any other file from formatted drive, memory card, memory stick or any other external storage devices easily. You can employ this tool to restore lost files from all versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system within a minute. Currently, I formatted a drive on the Mac OS, and then I have recovered total 100 GB data easily using this tool. If you are facing such problem just use it once.

Formatted drive recovery now at your figure tips!

Are you searching for a tool to recover lost data after formatting?  If yes, proceed further. Formatting is act to make the drive ready for further read write operation. However, sometimes it has happened there comes a stage from where it is must to format hard drive. In such a situation you unwilling have to perform formatting once you do so then entire data is wiped out from hard drive. Unexpected formatting condition arises due to various common issues including improper ejection, virus infection, unsuccessful file system conversion, power surges and many more. When you loss data due to any of illustrated causes then there is lot of issues arises in your mind including such as it is possible to recover lost data after formatting or not?

Stop worrying about such a severe situation it is because my answer is ‘YES’. You can definitely recover every bit of data from formatted drive. Here you just need a competent recovery tool that can perform data revival for you.  After formatting hard drive intentionally or unintentionally there is no need to think that you cannot recover files after format. It is not true! Once data is wiped out from hard drive, then image of data remains there within drive from where it is possible to revive lost data successfully. Let us discuss some scenarios in more detail to more how user stuck in unexpected formatting situation. Accidental formatting, it has happened when user operates more than single drive at a time and accidentally format one of vital drive partition or particular connected drive instead of formatting some other drive.  Once you do so and formatted drive contains your vital data then it might lead to severe data loss.

Improper system usage is another reason that might push you in unconditional formatting situation. This might happens in many ways including improper shutdown, meanwhile termination during read write operation. Improper shut down pushes forward to you in such a state from next it is must to do format to utilized drive further. Unexpected formatting condition also arises when you terminate process in the meanwhile when it is performing read write operation from hard drive. When process is interrupted in meanwhile then there is a chance of file system corruption. Once the file system is corrupted then you cannot access any data from hard drive. Further, you have to do format to use the drive location again. After formatting, you become able to use drive space again but loss entire data within drive.

In all severe situations, you can make use an effective revival tool named Recover Formatted tool and successfully get back data from formatted drive. More detail click here: .You can perform revival on various formatted storage drives including external drive, pen drive, USB drive, memory sticks and so on. This tool supports various file system like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT and HFS.  With the help of this tool, you can recover formatted hard drive on both Windows as well as on Mac operating system. So stop worrying after data loss due to unexpected formatting, just make utilized of this formatted recovery tool and be happy with your vital data again.

Methods to restores data from the hard drive after reformat

Have you ever lost some of your files from the hard drive by reformatting your hard drive accidentally without taking backup of the stored data? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. You must be really worried and rushing out to recover your data from the reformatted drive as the data is very much important to you. The best solution for all your data loss problem is data recovery software which is highly reviewed and the most recommended one by the skilled professionals. With the help of this recovery program you can efficiently perform data recovery after reformat of the hard drive. Just go through the below discussed article thoroughly to know more about this data recovery application.

Reformatting of computer hard drive is basically performed in order to change the file system of the hard drive partition. File systems in the computer is a way to store the data in a systematic and organized manner. FAT and NTFS are the most often used file systems. It is always advised to have a backup of all the files stored on the drive before reformatting the hard drive. If you reformat your hard drive without having backup of the data then you will lose all your data. Just have a look on some of the reasons which will make you to lose all your data from the hard drive.

What are the reasons behind data loss?

  • Malfunctioning of OS leads to hard drive crash making the system unbootable resulting in loss of data.
  • Corruption of MBR due to malware attack results in inaccessibility of files and you may end up losing all of your valuable data.
  • Virus attack on the computer will corrupt the operating system files which will not allow you to access the files leading to data loss.
  • Corruption of Registry file of Windows computer will make the user to reformat their hard drive causing loss of data.
  • By mistake emptying Windows Recycle Bin without checking the contents causes data loss.
  • Abrupt removal of storage device from the PC without making use of proper exit option can corrupt the storage drive thereby making the stored files inaccessible leading to loss of data.

Key features of data recovery application:

  • Restores more than 300 different files types.
  • You can also perform data recovery after system restore, emptying Windows Recycle Bin, etc. with utmost ease.
  • The utility has separate builds for the recovery of data from Mac and Windows operating system of computers.
  • The data from the deleted or missing partition of the hard drive can be retrieved easily by using this recovery software.
  • This recovery program helps file recovery not only from the hard drive but also from other devices like flash cards, memory cards, USB drives, external HDD etc.

Try the demo version of the data recovery utility and install the application on the hard disk of your computer. Open the application by simply double clicking on the desktop icon and then select suitable recovery options that you face while utilizing the software. Once you’re done with the recovery process you can judge the functionality of the software and if the demo version retrieves all your lost data then you can buy the complete software from online.