Simple Guide to Restore Deleted Folder in Windows XP

Nowadays, Microsoft is persistently producing many Windows OS versions so that users can select the version as per their requirements. If you are really a technically sound person then you chose only Windows XP. This is because Windows XP is endowed with an updated user interface, a more stable platform, new features and unified code base between separate Windows families. At some point of time, all computer users might accidentally delete a folder. Windows operating system makes it incredibly easy to do just that. Just a single misplaced mouse click or holding down the wrong button while trying to change a location can be all that stands between you and complete data loss.

If you are facing similar kind of issues with your Windows XP PC then there is nothing to worry. You can find plenty of application that supports in recovering deleted folder in Windows XP with ease. Among those many utilities undelete folder is considered as the most effective solution that helps recover folders from Windows XP drive after deletion just in a matter of few minutes. This tool is able to recovering deleted folders from memory card, pen drives, portable hard drives, Fire Wire drives, etc., in Windows 8 drive. This program can retrieve deleted folders in Windows 8 that has FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions

Other features of undelete folder software:

Undelete folder is an advanced program that has is simple user friendly graphical interface, which guides you how to rescue deleted folders Windows XP system. With the support of this app, you can get back folders that have been deleted permanently by using shift + delete key combination. This program also recovers lost folders from repartitioned Windows XP hard drive. Undelete folder program consumes very less time for recovering deleted folder in Windows XP, as its fastest tool. One can easily perform deleted folder recovery on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2010, Windows 2007 and other OS with ease. This utility is loaded with an option called ‘Preview’, which allows you to preview recovered folders. If you are satisfied with its free demo version then you can save restored folder desired location of your Windows XP system.

 Situations where undelete folder is helpful:

Unintentionally clicking Shift key along with delete key will leads to permanent deletion of folders that you have selected from Windows 8 computer. On some occasion you might decide to keep your system free from unwanted data to make free space and to attain maximum data access. Hence you may go for emptying the Recycle Bin folder on Windows 8 OS. After emptying recycle bin you realize that you have deleted some important folders without verifying its contents. Formatting the partition on Windows 8 system containing your essential folders can erase complete data from specified drive or device.

Also you find other reasons that lead to deletion of folders from Windows 8 system. But as mentioned above in this article, restoration of deleted folder from Windows 8 is possible if you make use of this undelete folder toolkit.