Best Tool to Recoup Deleted Folders in Outlook

Outlook is a client side tool employed for emailing. PST is personal storage table utilized by the Outlook to store all the personal detail within it, which we could access whenever it is needed. The attributes like inbox, sent item, drafts, calendar, task, contacts, list, deleted folder and much more are trapped in the PST files. Outlook contains another file called OST, which is short for offline storage table and used when user is working at offline mode. These OST files will synchronize with sever and the project done in offline mode is changed to online.

Microsoft provides several versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. With the current economic scenario Outlook 2010 gains a very high popularity, due to its advanced features. In Outlook we can create personal folder, where we are able to store our personal files.

Although latest version of Outlook has these many additional features, we can’t avoid loss of data scenarios. Loss of data because of human error is very common

  1. Accidental deletion of folders/files
  2. Power shut off coming from a main source and so on.

These data loss problem are very common. To beat from all of these scenarios and to restore deleted folder /files back you may use advanced Outlook recovery tool. This tool can restore your deleted folder back its original form as it was before (means without any manipulation). Along with corruption on account of human error there are several more corruption scenarios which cause severe data loss.

However, the corruption of PST files as a result of oversize was eliminated in Outlook 2010, as Outlook 2010 contains PST files of size-up to 50GB. But danger of PST files still exists; common scenarios for PST file corruption in Outlook 2003 are the following:

  1. Network sharing of PST files: Sharing of PST files over a network results in PST file corruption.
  2. Improper termination of Outlook: Forceful shutdown of Outlook may corrupt your PST file.
  3. Sudden power off: Abrupt power shutdown may crash application, which in turn causes PST file corruption.
  4. PST compression: PST file gets corrupted due to incomplete corruption process.
  5. PST corruption because of virus: Virus or even the malware attack from the internet or from the any other external store device also causes PST corruption.

To avoid these corruption problems, creating a backup of your emails it prevents the loss of data. Use latest version of anti-virus updates it regularly after particular interval of time. Only use reliable storage device to hold backup. After following theses precaution if still you are suffering from data loss problem then use Outlook recover tool to restore deleted folder of Outlook. This tool is 100% safe and reliable. Software manual is quite easy to use, it helps you in using software. Software contains two options preview and save recovery session, from preview option you can have a look of folders /files which you want to recover. To restore your deleted folder download its free trial version from internet. Have a preview of your deleted folder, evaluate the result. If you’re pleased with its demo version download its full version in order to save your recovered folder.